By Mandy Decena

What’s more chilling than having an empty stomach on Halloween night? Have your bellies be warmed and filled with these delicious recipes made tastier by a killer ingredient: pig’s blood.

Dinuguan Goto

Look no further, this killer combo of two iconic Filipino dishes with pork blood, meat, and intestines with rice is already a complete meal of its own.



Bring the delicious Kapampangan flavor to your dining tables with this spicy and lighter version of the famous pork dinuguan.


Crispy Dinuguan Puto Pao

A quick snack and a full meal in one—enjoy each bite of these soft puto pao buns with its crunchy dinuguan surprise inside.


Dinuguan Sausage

Here’s a tasty Pinoy-style sausage recipe filled with the iconic pig blood and offal stew that will give you strings of delight.

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