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By Rosseadelle Ganayo

Drinking can initially seem like a great idea – it lightens our moods and helps us destress. The catch: We don’t find out how much damage we have done until the next day. It doesn’t just make us feel bad the next day, it makes us feel absolutely awful.  Achy body, nausea, a splitting migraine and the nasty bitter taste of alcohol that you just can’t get rid of, even if you brushed your teeth the night before. Alcohol is actually a diuretic that slowly destroys our bodies. But have no fear, there is still good in the world and it comes in the form of these following superfoods that will restore, repair and relieve.

Next time you’re in search of food or drink to relieve your massive hangover, keep an eye out for the following ingredients!


The miracle fruit comes to save the day again! This humble fruit has proven time and again why it deserves that title, as it contains so much beneficial medical properties from its meat, to oil, to even its juice. And that juice is just what you need for that morning after. Coconut water is dense with essential electrolytes; it provides sodium, potassium, and magnesium which help re-hydrate the body after a night of binge-drinking – without the added extra sugars, food dye, and carbonation.

Recipe to trySinigang Na Hipon Sa Buko


This small humble root should be your after drinking wingman, especially if you’re the type to feel like throwing up the memories of the night before. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger stimulates a stalled digestive system – post drinking. This helps in easing the nausea, constipation, gas, indigestion, and vomiting that comes with being hungover. Bottoms up for one last drink… Salabat!

Recipe to tryLemon Ginger Summer Cooler


Sweeten up the bitter aftertaste of last night’s mistakes with this golden elixir. Eating honey can help alleviate the symptoms of hangover and make you feel better. Honey has a high fructose content, and research has shown that fructose digestion competes with alcohol digestion which causes your body to force itself to expel the remaining alcohol faster.

So, adding a little bit of honey with your ginger tea is just what you need to get rid of the alcohol inside of you, without the vomiting. Another round, barkeep!

Recipe to tryPinipig Bars


The more drinking rounds, the more bathroom breaks. Alcohol actually draws water from the body’s cells, and with every flush goes the minerals and hormones from keeping your body hydrated to the downward spiral of the toilet’s abyss – that is, if you don’t miss. Low levels of potassium are linked to weak, shaky muscles, tiredness, nausea, and high blood pressure — all common hangover symptoms.

Good thing bananas are especially rich and brimming with potassium that it can restore your body’s stock right where they belong. Bananas are also natural antacids that are great for reducing stomach acid and give you vitamin B6 that can reduce hangover symptoms by 50%!

Recipe to tryArroz A La Cubana Lumpia


The main problem you’re left with after drinking is getting dehydrated that starts headaches. A water-rich fruit will definitely help hydrate you. Watermelon if you haven’t realized is extremely high in water content, minerals for hydration, and amino acids that boost blood circulation (which will help your body process toxins), detox the liver, and put some rebound in fatigued muscles. While on the topic of increased blood flow, watermelon is also known as a ‘food for better loving

Recipe to tryManam-Style Watermelon Sinigang


Honesty Kamote may be the the only spud that wouldn’t make you feel guilty for eating so much of it, no matter how unhealthily it was cooked because of how much benefits it has over the normal potato. Alcohol not only lowers your dignity and standards, it also takes away your ability to think logically and listen to sound reasoning. As if that wasn’t enough, alcohol also lowers your blood sugars and your ability to keep yourself hydrated.

Kamote will help make everything alright again; kamote contains several nutrients that can help get over the hangover hump such as vitamin A and minerals like magnesium, and provides slow burning carbohydrates that re-stabilize blood sugar to make you feel better. kamote fries is life – even while living the nightlife.

Recipe to tryKamote Kaldereta Pie


Universally accepted fact: eggs are a breakfast staple – but apparently more so for the hungover. Scrambled, boiled, or fried, eggs are a great choice for beating back the nastiest of hangovers. Packed with protein for producing more of the feel-good, mood-boosting hormone serotonin, you’ll definitely feel better after eating eggs. Eggs are also rich with the amino acid that produces the hormone for breaking down the leftover alcohol-induced toxins in your body. You know how it goes, two eggs a day keeps the hangover at bay!

Recipe to try: Easy Egg Recipes


The BEST reason to go drinking is here – it allows you to indulge in the crispy deliciousness that is bacon. What could possibly make it better? Bacon works at both preventing and curing hangovers, meaning you can eat more of it before and after drinking! Greasy food are best consumed before or at the start of drinking to create a sort of insulated lining for the stomach that slows down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed, so that it won’t hit you so hard the next morning.

This wonder food is full of carbs, protein, and amino acids. Bacon will not only boost your metabolism, which helps breakdown the pain of a hangover, but it’s also the ultimate comfort food.

Recipe to tryKimchi Bacon Hotdogs With Nori Fries 

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