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Written by Tim Henares

Let’s be honest: it’s extremely tempting to enjoy Halo-Halo in the middle of one of the hottest summers we’ve had recently, but everyone has their favorites. We could try to rank them, but nobody’s going to ever agree on those rankings, so let’s look at 8 of our favorite Halo-Halo offerings and exactly what makes them stand out.

8. Aling Banang – Best for value

A chain of very affordable eats in San Juan, Aling Banang is well-known for its Halo-Halo Ice Cream – for probably the most affordable price in this entire list (last we checked it was at 75 PhP), you get a serving of Halo-Halo with ube ice cream in place of shaved ice. Given the price point and the level of indulgence involved, that’s the kind of value you just can’t beat.


7. Chowking – Most Accessible


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There’s no argument to be had here: Chowking is often the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks for Halo Halo. Combine the fact that it is everywhere and it practically has everything with it, and you just need Michelle Yeo to endorse it to complete the circle. It doesn’t hurt that it pulls its own weight despite the number of challengers to its throne.


6. Crisostomo – Poshest In Class

Crisostomo’s cuisine is, to put it mildly, swanky. Its Halo-Halo is no different, as it contains ingredients like cherries, banana chips, and cheese, adding a different swath of flavors you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s probably the most highfalutin Halo-Halo on this list despite the still reasonable price point.


5. Razon’s – Most Essential

When we say “essential,” we mean “exactly how few ingredients does Halo-Halo need to still be considered Halo-Halo?” Apparently, Razon’s found the answer: saba, macapuno, leche flan, shaved ice, and milk. Five ingredients and no more than that, plus probably the smoothest ice you will find on this list that isn’t made of ice cream. If you want to keep it simple yet sophisticated, Razon’s is a surefire bet.


4. Max’s – Best Macapuno Balls

One of the best ingredients in Halo-Halo would be the Macapuno Balls, and nobody does them better than Max’s. Fight me.


3. Icebergs – Biggest Serving To Price Ratio

Icebergs puts the “Super” in their Super Halo-Halo, with an enormous serving that looks like it was meant to be shared by the family. And that’s just the way we love ‘em.


2. Bebang’s – Most Variety

When you go to any other Halo-Halo store, they sell maybe two or three versions, then have a couple of sizes.

Bebang decided that their entire menu can be made up of different versions of Halo-Halo, all of them good. The variety is so good, this is probably the only Halo-Halo people who specifically dislike Halo-Halo might go for.


1. Kabigting’s – Most Indulgent

Kabigting’s might tie Razon’s in the least amount of ingredients, but there’s one thing Kabigting has on the secret menu if you catch them on a good day: you can have your Halo-Halo made almost exclusively with their ridiculously good pastillas. That’s right: you’re just drinking pastillas now. It’s so wrong, it’s right.

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