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Every time popular food vlogger Mark Wiens features seafood dishes in his home country of Thailand, you can’t help but be envious of how incredibly mouthwatering and tantalizing they are. From crab and other crustaceans oozing with tomalley to the freshest catches of the day that will be cooked to perfection, we’re often left to wonder—where can I eat that here in Manila?

Enter Greyhound Café, one of the metro’s top Thai restaurants and most recently, a Thai Select Awardee, a distinction given by the Thai embassy for all things outstanding, delicious and authentically Thai outside their kingdom. Greyhound Café’s Mall of Asia branch in particular, actually has a not-so-secret seafood menu that’ll make any seafood lover swoon with excitement. This special line is only offered in the MOA branch and consist of the following exclusive seafood dishes:

The Crablets in the Basket (350 Php) is an addicting appetizer of small crabs seasoned with Thai herbs then deep-fried until golden and crisp. Satisfying onto itself but after dipping it in its complementary spicy-sweet peanut dressing, you might just find yourself ordering a second basket.

The Ceviche Surf (565 Php) is a fun and refreshing starter that combines the tangy goodness of a Thai-style tuna ceviche made with mango, strawberry, orange, red onions, and radish plus built on a creamy bed of guacamole. Complex with a lot of textures and flavors, it’s the perfect dish to start you on to the other offerings.


The Sexy Crab (1,850 Php) is a delicious contradictory of sorts. Here you’re served with a plate loaded with everything good for you: fresh seasonal vegetables like eggplants, okra, winged beans, asparagus, and leafy vegetables. But in the middle of it all is a decadent looking mud crab—bright orange on both sides, from the shell to the carapace that’s sinful with crab fat. That’s not all; the crustacean was earlier stewed in coconut milk and Thai herbs creating an amazingly rich sauce you can douse all over the green accoutrements.

For something more familiar yet still impressive, order the Fried Red (1,899 Php). A whole red snapper is served deconstructed with the white meat seasoned and battered then fried to achieve that crispy texture. Enjoy it with the sweet tamarind fish sauce or the tart green mango and apple salad. Either way, both go perfectly well with the fish.

The Prawn Maritess (2,700 Php), is actually a nod to a classic Pinoy restaurant dish that’s traditionally cooked with crab. This version however uses black tiger prawns that’s been flash fried with onions, cilantro root, Sriracha and lots and lots of garlic. It’s a dish for sharing but we won’t tell anyone if you plan to have an order all to yourself.

If you feel like there’s still room for more, then indulge yourself with a serving of the Hola Banana (390 Php), a Thai-style turon served with ube ice cream and a side of mango sauce and chocolate sauce or the Halo Halo (430 Php), Greyhound’s take of the classic Pinoy dessert. Their version is made with coconut granita, caramelized bananas, jack fruit, tubtim krob (Thai red rubies made from sweetened water chestnuts), lod chong (cendol), and coconut chunks that’s topped up with fresh coconut milk and ube ice cream.

Frankly, this are just some of the amazing seafood eats Greyhound Café MOA’s has to offer. With so much more to expect, we’d think even Mark Weins himself would want to visit and discover their many seafood specialties. What’s next for Greyhound Café? They actually just opened their newest branch in The Podium Mall in Pasig with another one soon to open in Rockwell in Makati. Will they also have specialty menus brimming with Thai specialties? Well, that’s for you to visit these branches and find out for yourself.

Greyhound Café Mall of Asia Branch. G/F, SM South Main Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Visit their website greyhoundcafe.com.ph..

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