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By Mandy Decena

Sweet, healthy, and sulit, these golden fruits are true treasures for food-lovers. Achieve golden status in the kitchen with these sweet mango recipes we got for you.



Mango BBQ Liempo

Don’t be afraid to add some of mango’s sweetness into your main dish. Level up your barbecue liempo by glazing it with mango, soy sauce, and tomato paste.



Mango Keso Swirl Loaf

Feeling a little more playful? Add some twist into the boring old loaf and bring in loads of fun to your merienda time with delightful swirls of mango and cheese.



Mango Tablea Suman Cake

The table is all set for the family dinner. What’s missing? A fancy dessert. Treat your family like royalties by serving this layered delight of rice cake, chocolate and mango.



Mango Sago

Here’s something that can help refresh you on warm afternoons! Beat the heat with this sweet treat of mango, milk, and sago.

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