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Filipinos love to eat. This appetite has turned classic Pinoy treats into go-to snacks to satisfy cravings and food habits. For some, these goodies not only satisfied their tastebuds, but have become part of life’s unforgettable moments.

The classic treats you’ve grown to love might just be some of Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) variety of food and drinks. Get to know more about these delightful goodies with these interesting facts!

Chiz Curls

URC Chiz Curls

Did you know that your fave childhood snack, Chiz Curls, is URC’s first branded snack product? And the kiddie characters in the packaging? They have names: Carl and Curlette! So, the next time you grab a bag of Chiz Curls, maybe you could introduce them to your pamangkin!


URC Chippy

Since the 60s, the crowd-favorite Chippy has been part of barkada trips, recess moments, and weekends at home watching morning cartoons and anime. Good thing it’s always been such an affordable and yummy snack! Speaking of which, Jack ‘n Jill named the snack Chippy because it was sold at a friendly price during its launch back then.


URC Cream-O

Remember the hexagonal box filled with Cream-O you get after finishing all chores or doing great in school? Those were good times, indeed. History tells that the first Cream-O product URC released are the chocolate-coated cookie sandwiches packed in those iconic hexagonal boxes. These are now called Cream-O Premium, a limited-edition Cream-O variant, which are available in select stores nationwide.


URC Maxx

Are you busy with school or work? You can brighten up your day with enjoyable treats like Maxx Candy. It is one of URC’s first candy brands launched in 1993. And the late actor, Max Alvarado, was one of the first endorsers of Maxx.


URC Nips

Filipinos are known to have a sweet tooth with a particular liking to chocolate. One of the go-to sweets of Pinoys is Nips. First launched in the 1960s, Nips is URC’s first branded chocolate. The name came from the reversed word spin, which is the first step in the manufacturing process of these candy-coated chocolate lentils.


URC Nova

Jack ‘n Jill’s Nova, the first locally manufactured multigrain snack in the Philippines, has made a name for itself amongst the healthy snacks available in the market. Each chip is made from 4 fiber-rich grains making it a delicious guilt-free snack so you can have as much as you want!

Great Taste Coffee

URC Great Taste White

Great Taste Coffee has always been one of the Filipinos’ go-to coffee brands. This popular coffee brand has many firsts in the Philippine coffee market, pioneering the 3-in-1 coffee mixes and Twin Packs. It is also the first to launch White coffee, a creamier coffee mix formulated to cater to the taste buds of coffee drinkers.

Blend 45

URC Blend 45

Speaking of coffee, did you know that Blend 45 was the largest-selling coffee brand in the market when it was launched in the 60s? For years, Blend 45 had the moniker “Pinoy Coffee”! So, why not make a mug and enjoy reminiscing the good old times with Blend 45?


URC C2 solo

Since its launch in 2006, the C2 brand has long been a well-loved ready-to-drink tea of Filipinos. But did you know that apart from the Philippines, there are also lots of C2 fans across Southeast Asia? It’s also quite popular in Vietnam! So, when traveling is allowed again and you get the chance to visit the country, make sure to grab a bottle of some of their unique C2 flavors while you enjoy the sights of your trip!

For 65 years, snack and beverage maker URC has been delighting Filipino consumers with good food choices, and the company intends to always offer something fresh and delightful for everyone. So you can be sure that you’d be able to satisfy your cravings with these classic Pinoy snacks. These snacks are available in groceries and supermarkets nationwide. For a more convenient shopping experience, you can order these online.

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Note: This is a press release from one of our partner brands. Minor edits have been made by the Bitesized.ph editorial staff.

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