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Tantalize your tastebuds with the modern “no borders cuisine” and New York inspired ambiance of Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar – one of the brainchild establishments of the 1771 Group that has been making delectable food for three decades with French bistro Chateau 1771, Filipino favorite Sentro 1771, and quaint Café 1771.

Recently revamped with an idyllic outdoor bar overlooking the fiery fountain at Uptown Mall BGC, this restaurant is making waves through its carefully curated bar chow, drinks, and cocktails reflecting the many vibrant faces of New York. Just like the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple is a fusion of flavors with blended scotch, apple and lemon juice, and a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon for texture, whilst the Sunburn blends bourbon, scotch single malt, grapefruit juice and pineapple syrup for a smooth refreshment. For a more calming concoction with a kick, Christopher Street has Earl Grey tea-infused gin with lemon juice and soda water. Built for the hardworking urbanites, the Wall Street is bourbon based with coffee-infused rosso vermouth, and chocolate bitters to perk you up.

Aside from their wide array of wines and spirits to explore, a night out won’t be complete without a scrumptious serving of juicy US Choice CAB bone-in Prime Rib Steak served on a sizzling platter with three distinctly flavored sauces: chimichurri, blue cheese butter, and bois boudran sauce. For the more health conscious diners, there is also the Chicken Keto Agliata with creamed zucchini, and a green take on the New York fast food staple Pesto Pizza, generously topped with spinach and mozzarella. Pinoys will also love new introductions to the menu like the Truffle Carbonara with Chicken Skin Crackling that elegantly elevated the humble chicken skin, and Fish Picatta that combines our love for anything crispy with contrasting hints of lemon. Big appetites are no match against the Seafood Jambalaya, packed with sausages, bell peppers, onions, celery and topped with shrimps, squid, clams and mussels for the family or squad to share. Should you ever find yourself almost full but craving tidbits to munch on, we also recommend their small plates: Bravo Potato Skins, Beef Sliders, and cheesy Baked Mussels to match your drinks as you pleasantly sip the night away.

Whether you are celebrating a big win at work or enjoying a relaxed date night, Flatiron 1771 Restaurant and Bar impresses the senses with contemporary sophistication.

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