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by Ina Louise Manto

Whether eaten plain, as part of a sandwich, or with a full meal, bread is always a good idea. Many have tried their hands on baking during this quarantine but not everyone has that much time to bake bread regularly. Sure, store-bought bread works just fine but if you want some quality, freshly baked goods to make snacking or meals better, check out these bakeries that offer freshly baked bread delivery.


Bianca’s Breads


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Bianca’s Breads are made with the owners’ family recipes they’ve crafted over the years. Their original bread series ciabatta, dinner roll, English muffin, bagel, and sourdough start at Php 80 for 2 loaves. They also have a special series of breads like baguette and focaccia starting at Php 80.

To know more about their prices and menu, visit their Instagram.




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Antipolo-based DoughRama bakes artisan breads like buns and ciabatta starting at Php 99. To lessen their carbon footprint, breads are wrapped and delivered in eco-friendly packagings like parchment paper and eco-bags. They also come wrapped with twine, which adds a more hand-crafted feel to them.

For orders, visit their Instagram.


Knotty Baker


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Your Tuesdays and Thursdays will be made better by Knotty Baker. If you like savory breads, you’ll enjoy their selection of knotty breads like garlic herb, sweet cheese, and rosemary & olive focaccia that are best eaten with dips. Even if it’s a non-bake day, you can still send them orders!

Knots breads start at Php 250 for 8 pieces and you can order them Instagram.




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If you’re looking for quality sourdough bread, you have to try Wynne’s. All artisan sourdough breads (Php 220) are made to order and come in the prettiest scoring patterns. Wynne doesn’t skimp on making their specially made sourdough – they’re naturally leavened and fermented for 24 hours.

For orders, visit their official website.

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Tinapay PH


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Fairview-based Tinapay PH takes their sourdough game to the next level. The Makeso sourdough (Php 250) has three types of cheese and the Cinnamon Tsoko (Php 265) is incorporated with cacao powder, cinnamon, and tsokolate.

To send an order, visit their Instagram.


Sown Stocked


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Who said you have to quit eating bread when you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Sown Stocked provides healthy breads that will make you feel satisfied without the guilt, like the classic multigrain bread Daily Grain-d (Php 95). They also have breads with vegies in them, like kalabasa and malunggay.

To see Sown and Stocked’s full menu, visit their official website.


The French Baker


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Since opening its doors in 1989, the country’s first French bakery has become a Pinoy favorite where we often see branches in malls and grocery stores. Fortunately, you can have them delivered now as well, through apps like Grab Food and Food Panda.

Missing your tinapay from The French Baker? They now deliver to the following areas: Metro Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, and Tagaytay.


Pan de Manila


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You know you’re entering bread heaven when you visit a Pan de Manila store – it just smells good inside! Whether you enjoy their fluffy pandesal or savory breads, you can have these freshly-baked goodies delivered through Food Panda and MetroMart.


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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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