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There’s more to feeding our kids a healthy diet than simply keeping the doctor away. With school starting, we fight sickness and absences with a shield of vitamins and nutrients from a balanced diet. But did you know there’s more to heathy eating than just that? Ready your menu plan and add our guide to super foods that’ll nourish your little achiever’s mind, body, and soul.


breakfast to boost your child's school performance

It starts with breakfast that charges your happy child to seize the day.


What does your child eat for breakfast?
It’s easy for us to pour sugary cereals in a bowl of milk, fry ready-made ulams like nuggets or hotdog, or hand our kids fruit juice boxes. But processed and refined foods plus sugar can impact their attitude and behavior. Not getting the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will affect your child’s emotions, how they react to stress, and how they view school and its challenges. Keep your budding student happy and eager to learn with morning servings of eggs and yogurt along with lean meat or fish, mushrooms, vegetables, nuts and whole grains (if serving white rice, stick to about 1/4 to 1/2 cup). The Omega 3 fatty acids found in eggs, probiotics in yogurt, and antioxidants in mushrooms are effective mood enhancers that fight depression. Nuts, seeds, and whole grains packed with Vitamin E are effective snacks in-between meals to keep stress at bay.

MAKE THIS: This Chorizo Rice with Mushroom and Egg recipe created with Knorr Pork Cubes hits all the right nutrients for a delicious morning pick-me-up. Made with real meat, Knorr Cubes pack the flavor of spices, natural seasonings, and long-boiled meat that add full-flavored yumminess to everyday dishes.


snack to boost your child's school performance

Keep your child going with energy-boosting snacks.


Snacking every three to four hours is ideal to keep your child’s energy up for mental tasks and physical activities. The right snacks fight fatigue and help the brain function well throughout the day. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks, and refined carbohydrates like white flour, bread, and rice, pastries, pastas, and some cereals. These are high in glucose that leads to a terrible drop in energy. Focus, mood, and mental performance are affected, too. Glucose is actually good for the brain, but only in moderation to help the body feel continually energized. Pack healthy snacks with oatmeal, seeds, nuts (like super food peanuts and peanut butter), and fruits (apples, bananas, avocados, melons, and oranges). These are high in B vitamins, iron, manganese, and potassium that aid brain function plus boost your child’s energy. Fructose in fruit doesn’t raise insulin but sustains energy, plus they contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber good for you.

MAKE THIS: Peanut Butter Piaya, fruit chips or bowls, dried fruit and nuts snack bags, and oatmeal cookies.

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lunch to boost your child's school performance

Go for a power-packed lunch that’ll help your child stay ahead in class.


Acing tests will be a breeze for your child if they’re mentally sharp and focused. Missed meals lead to hunger, which has been linked to low grades. Make sure your child’s lunch is rich in good fat, low in sugar, and have the right servings of red meat, fish, vegetables, and whole grains high in Vitamin K and D, iron, and folic acid which improve concentration and increase mental ability. Folic acid is also an excellent nutrient for fighting depression and protecting the brain from cognitive impairment. Water intake, about six to eight glasses a day, is very important too, with a study noting kids with less water intake felt bored, tired, and fidgety in class.

MAKE THIS: Packed with folic acid among other vitamins and minerals, Ginisang Monggo is an easy-to-make dish that help kids stay sharp and focused. Made to taste meatier with Knorr Pork Cubes’ real pork, kids can’t say no to this healthy classic. It may even become their favorite!


dinner to boost your child's school performance

Fuel through assignments after school with memory-boosting super dinners.


After a tiring full day in school, the last thing we want our kids to do is to stress over their assignments. Help them by preparing memory-building dinners with leafy vegetables that protect the brain from harmful radicals, and fish, lean meat, and various fruits which are all effective memory enhancers through vitamins C and A, thiamine, magnesium, lecithin, and quercetin. Dark chocolate is good for blood circulation, so having a bit after a meal is a rewarding treat that you’ll feel good giving.

MAKE THIS: Chicken Tinola prepared with Vitaminc C and A-rich dahon ng sili and green papaya is the ideal brain-boosting dinner your child will love. Cook it with Knorr Chicken Cubes that’s made from real long-boiled chicken, guaranteed to amplify the comforting flavors of this chicken and ginger soup through full-flavored deliciousness — a great way to make sure your little one delights in every bite.


Ready to let your child shine in school? Say sayonara to junk, processed, sugary snacks and welcome these super foods into your home and your kid’s meals!

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