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by: Camille Bacsa
Valentine’s season is a time to shower appreciation, give lots of love, and sometimes for a boost of amorous energy, a little dash of gayuma. Contrary to your imagination of boiling cauldrons of potions and old ladies with a haunting cackle though, nature is a great Cupid, offering its best with humble-looking foods with surprisingly powerful aphrodisiac properties. For a sweeter love month, we’ve rounded up some of the easiest-to-find foods for better loving:



Image via Best Health Mag

Red and heart-shaped, strawberries are revered in Ancient Rome as a symbol of Venus, served as a hearty soup offering to newlyweds in the French Countryside, and an offering for cow fertility in Bavaria. Health-wise, its high Vitamin C and antioxidant content can help improve blood flow and estrogen production, helping you look and feel younger. Sex drive is also boosted by its magnesium, potassium, and folate content. Delicious on its own, dipped in chocolate, or used as a central ingredient in desserts – strawberries are bound to get you in the mood from its perky color to its sweet-sour flavor.



Image via The Seattle Times

While it is 92% water, the aphrodisiac magic is really part of the 8% in the form of the phytonutrient citrulline, which assists in relaxing blood vessels and improves blood flow to erectile tissue that is present in both males and females. The valentine red color is also appetizing to the eyes and tastebuds, especially when beautifully cut and served for your date on its own or as a part of a fruit salad.  If you think about it, even just the way you eat a juicy watermelon can be turn-on, from the way you can playfully bite into it and dispel the seeds from the lips. Don’t get too imaginative now though!



Image via Food and Wine

Oysters have long had a reputation for upping one’s libido, ever since stories of the great Giacomo Casanova and his romantic adventures became popular. As a big eater of oysters, his image cemented that oysters can affect sex drive, and according to research, it is true to some extent – with its amino acid content that increases testosterone production and zinc for healthy sperm. More so than the chemicals, it might be the act of eating oysters itself that is quite sensual. Regardless, we’ll likely keep on seeing oysters in rom-coms and seeing it served in beautiful platters every February.



Image via Livestrong

Luya ain’t just for tinola! In India, the humble root is considered a traditional treatment for impotence when mixed with eggs and honey. Asians also believe that it helps blood circulation to the limbs and the nether regions, improving the sensation of pleasure for partners. It’s distinct pungent yet pleasant aroma has a calming effect, and if you eat enough of it, it brings a rush of warmth inside your body causing your heart to beat faster. Not to mention, it’s probably sitting in your food stockpile right now and is a base for a ton of recipes you can try to cook for bae with lovestruck eyes!



Image via CNN

Warm and earthy, cinnamon is an easy-to-recognize aromatic spice that is known for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties that help promote blood flow in the abdominal and genital area for both men and women. Its calming aroma can even help create a better environment for intimacy – so it’s no wonder that as early as ancient times, acts of seduction included offering cinnamon sticks wrapped in perfumed red silk scarves to the goddess Dzohara. Combined with other complementary flavors like bitter chocolate, cloves, and honey – cinnamon can make a meal a lot more romantic.


Dark Chocolate

Image via Women Fitness

We’ve all heard the sentiment before – chocolate is better than sex – but did you know that chocolate can also make sex better? With its L-arganine amino acid and phenylethylamine (colloquially known as the “love supplement”), dark chocolate can increase desire and satisfaction, as well as promote the production of dopamine that can enhance feelings of joy and well-being. Lastly, its theobromine content is an energy booster – to help perk you up and introduce some amour into your busy (and probably loveless) schedule.



Image via Organic Facts

Rich in essential fatty acids like Omega-3 fats, almonds help in producing testosterone and promoting fertility and sex drive. Even just a small handful will nourish you with Vitamin B6 that helps energize the body through the production of insulin, niacin, hemoglobin, and antibodies. Add that to its intoxicatingly good scent – which makes it a staple for desserts and even scented toiletries for women – and it’s no wonder that this low-fat snack will really entice you to express your more passionate feelings.



Image via Shemazing

Maybe it’s the curvy pear shape or the way they hang in the tree in a suggestive manner for imaginative eyes that got avocados in the accepted list of naturally occurring aphrodisiacs. Besides its interesting flavor and texture, it also has a lot of energizing minerals, carotenoids, fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E that can help keep the spark alive between lovers. Just like how it takes discerning eyes to find the perfect avocado, let this fruit inspire you this Valentine’s in your search for the one.

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