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foodpanda, one of the metro’s on-demand food delivery services sure knows how to treat their customers right. Just as we’re getting back into the groove of dining in our favorite restaurants again, foodpanda has come up with an enticing rewards program for diners who love to eat out.

Since foodpanda’s pandapro subscription launch in 2020, members have been receiving endless surprises, privileges, and perks. This year, pandapro launches its newest benefit, dine-in.

foodpanda’s dine-in program is exclusively available to all pandapro members. All subscribers are entitled to a flat discount on the total bill value in partner restaurants, which in most cases is about 25% off, for all regular menu items and is applicable on both food and drinks.

Redemption is very simple and can be done in 5 easy steps.

  1. Open your app and ensure you’re subscribed to pandapro.
  2. Click on the ‘dine-in’ tile.
  3. Search and select the restaurant where you’re dining in.
  4. Confirm with the restaurant staff before you swipe to redeem your offer and order.
  5. Enjoy your discounted meal!

Thanks to pandapro dine-in, you can celebrate dining out with family and friends without breaking bank.

As a special treat, foodpanda also plans to host more exclusive events with #pandaproClub subscribers to take part in at partner pandapro dine-in vendors. Want to have a seat at the cool kids’ table, aka the #pandaproClub? Then subscribe to pandapro now!

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Note: This is a press release. Edits have been made by the Bitesized.ph editorial staff.

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