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Lumpia is one of the most loved and anticipated dishes in any Filipino get-together. Many believe that no festivities are complete without a lumpia served among ther already extensive Pinoy food spread. Nobody can seem to resist its savory goodness from the harmonious flavors of the crisped up wrapper to the flavorful filling whatever it may be. Think you know all the lumpia varieties?  Check them out here:

Lumpiang Togue

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Togue, carrots, onions, garlic, dried shrimp, ground pork, fish sauce

APPEARANCE: Big rolls since vegetable filling is bulky

HOW IT’S MADE: Deep-fried (filling is first stir-fried and then wrapped in lumpia wrapper)

Lumpiang Shanghai

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Ground pork, large carrot, green bell pepper, garlic, onion, oyster sauce

APPEARANCE: Big golden-brown rolls of ground pork and vegetables

HOW IT’S MADE: Deep-fried (filling is first stir-fried and then wrapped in lumpia wrapper)


Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpia Filling: ground meat (chicken breast/pork), potatoes, carrot, green beans, sweet potato, turnip, Cabbage, garlic, onion, fish sauce

Lumpia Wrapper: all-purpose flour, cornstarch, water, eggs

Lumpia Sauce: water, brown sugar, soy sauce, cassava flour/cornstarch

Garnish: Lettuce, toasted peanuts, garlic

APPEARANCE: wrapped with white colored lumpia wrapper drizzled with brown sauce and peanuts

HOW IT’S MADE: Sauté the vegetables and meat then boil it with water (Cook the wrapper, make the sauce, and put the filling in the wrapper)


Lumpiang Hubad

Filling: pork shoulder, sweet potatoes, singkamas, chorizo macau, cauliflower, snow peas, Baguio beans, carrot, garlic, onion, small cabbage, lettuce leaves, chicharon, crushed peanuts, atsuete

Sauce: soy sauce, brown sugar, cornstarch

APPEARANCE: Mixture of vegetables dressed with brown sauce.

HOW IT’S MADE: Sauté the vegetables and the pork. (Make the sauce in a saucepan)


Lumpiang Gulay

MAIN INGREDIENTS: cabbage, carrot, green beans, garlic, onion

APPEARANCE: Thick rolls of mixed vegetables

HOW IT’S MADE:  Deep-fried until golden brown (Put the vegetable and add the filling to the lumpia wrapper



Filling: onion, garlic, olive oil, pork, shrimp,singkamas, Chinese five spice powder

Batter: corn flour, water, Chinese five-spice powder, paprika

APPEARANCE: Crispy medium-sized rolls

HOW IT’S MADE: Deep-fried (Saute the filling then dip the lumpia in the batter before frying


Lumpiang Bangus

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Large-sized boneless bangus, onion, tomatoes, garlic

APPEARANCE: Medium size rolls because of the bangus

HOW IT’S MADE: Deep-fried (The filling is boiled and then wrapped with a lumpia wrapper)


Lumpiang Dynamite

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Green pepper, ground pork, garlic, onion, cheese

APPEARANCE: Long lumpia rolls of green peppers

HOW IT’S MADE: Deep-fried (Sauté the mixture before adding it in the green peppers and cheese)



MAIN INGREDIENTS: Bananas (saba), ripped jackfruit, sugar

APPEARANCE: Medium-sized caramelized rolls

HOW IT’S MADE: Fry the turon with sugar (Put the banana covered with sugar and strips of jackfruit on the lumpia wrapper


Lumpiang Tikoy 

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Tikoy slices, langka strips, toasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, sugar, salt, ube jam, cheese (optional)

APPEARANCE: Golden brown with crushed peanuts and a scoop of ice cream as toppings

HOW IT’S MADE: Deep-fried (Wrap the tikoy with lumpia wrapper)


Do you have any unique lumpia creations you want to share? Let us know!

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