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In a mesmerizing fusion of culinary prowess and artistic expression, Who’s Cooking: Artistic Appetites transformed the ordinary act of dining into a vibrant, multisensory experience. The event, held at The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, showcased the harmonious marriage of food and art, bringing together renowned caterers and talented artists to create a feast for the senses. Picture a collaboration of knitters, sculptors, muralists, and various artists, inspiring caterers to craft dishes that went beyond the ordinary, offering attendees an exceptional blend of flavors and creativity. 

Imagine starting off your evening with the warm and moist smoked potato soup with pan con tomate or even the unique mix of grilled prawns sinigang salad. For your main course, you could savor the delectable dish of Pacific Ocean grilled blue marlin with sesame noodles, or the smoked duck mango on mantou bun. For something Italian, the pear and ricotta fagottini pasta and herb butter and light cream might satisfy your craving.

Finally, the night wouldn’t be complete without the Japanese-inspired harajuko, a mixed dessert of vanilla tart, yuru, matcha, and gold leaf; or even champoradong puti made of adlai, auro white chocolate, dried mango, kasuy, and patis caramel that just melted in your mouth.

For this installment, the participating caterers and artists were:

  • Juan Carlo x abstract artist Chico Cristobal 
  • Bizu x tattoo artist Maan Simbajon 
  • Tjioe x knitter Candy Reyes-Alipio 
  • Passion Cooks x muralist Kara Pangilinan 
  • Moment Catering x sculptor Mateo Cacnio 
  • Hizon’s Catering x visual artist Anna Bautista 
  • K by Cunanan x multidisciplinary artist Anina Rubio 

The Road to Who’s Cooking: Artistic Appetites

Who’s Cooking: Artistic Appetites brought together seven artists and caterers in a creative pairing process during the Meet and Greet last December 2023. They soon mingled together during the Kitchen Lab where they shared their journeys, inspirations, and the meticulous process of crafting their signature dishes.

Who’s Cooking: Artistic Appetites followed the phenomenal success of Who’s Cooking in August 2019 which was a collaboration of 11 of its partner caterers and 11 renowned chefs. For its 2nd installment, it merged the culinary expertise of the celebrated caterers and the artistry from a diverse line-up of visual artists to create a custom-made menu. 

 The event’s gastronomic masterpieces resulting from the seven unique collaborations will be exclusively available for The Blue Leaf clients in the first quarter of 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in these extraordinary creations that promise to redefine the intersection of food and art as The Blue Leaf takes its venues’ culinary experience to even newer and greater heights.

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