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by Meryl Medel

If you’re looking for a dessert that isn’t too sweet on the tongue, you’d find egg tarts a perfect fit to finish off a meal. An egg tart is made up of a pastry crust that could either be flaky or delicately crisp and is filled with a creamy, silky egg custard. These little tarts have just the right level of sweetness, so you could eat as much as you want without immediately getting too umay, because you definitely won’t stop snacking on this after one piece. Craving already? Check out these shops where you can order egg tarts around the metro:


Lord Stow’s

Perhaps the most famous egg tart shop around, Lord Stow’s Bakery has been around since 1999. It’s a franchise originating from Macau, but which was established by Englishman Andrew Stow after being inspired by the Portuguese pasteis de nata (also a kind of egg tart). You can get their egg tarts in boxes of 4’s, 6’s, or 12’s. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.


GATS’ Premium Egg Tarts

GATS’ offers two flavors on their menu: classic custard and ube. You can get these flavors in either regular (6 pieces/box) or mini size (11 pieces/box). A mixed box is also available for regular-sized egg tarts. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.


Yolk Goodies

For those who want more flavor options for your egg tarts, you should check out Yolk Goodies. Aside from their Original flavor, they also offer unique ones that put a new twist to your good ol’ egg tart. Malagos Chocolate (made from Malagos chocolates), Ube Cheese (made from Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam), Matcha Red Bean, Lemon, Caramel Mocha, Mango Strawberry, Banana Chocnut — make sure to try each one! Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.

RECIPE: Make your own fruity treat with this Fruitcake Custard Tarts recipe.


Egg Tarts MNL

Aside from the classic egg tart, Egg Tarts MNL brings you different twists of the Portuguese egg tart, including ube, chocolate, matcha, dulce de leche, macapuno, and ube macapuno. They also offer cakes and pastries like chocolate ganache cake and banana bread. Visit their website or Instagram for more information.


Bite N Melt

The home of the first Pearl Egg Tarts in Manila, Bite N Melt boasts of their crisp crust paired with creamy custard and soft, chewy pearls. They also offer 8 other flavors, namely: classic, cheese, mango cheese, taro cheese, caramelized bacon with cheese, strawberry, blueberry, and kiwi. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.


Baked Puff

As their name implies, this shop specializes in puff pastries of all kinds. They have cheese, chicken, spinach, apple, ube, and matcha puffs. For their tarts, they offer various flavors as well, including ube cheese, matcha, Nutella, cereal milk, and of course, the egg tarts in flaky, buttery puff pastries.
Visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram for more information.


Lucilo Bakery

Lucilo has three flavors on the menu: original, ube, and cheese. You can order a box of 6 pieces in assorted flavors so you can try each one! While you’re there, you could also try other items on their menu, like classic chocolate chip cookies, biscoff pudding, chocolate truffle puffs, tiramisu craquelin, and carrot cake. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.


Tarts Tita

Tarts Tita bakes “in small batches using premium quality ingredients,” so you can be sure that your goodies are really fresh. They also have a lot of flavor variety, including original, ube, ube macapuno, ube langka, and even savory creamy chicken ala king. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.


The Pastry Puff PH

The Pastry Puff PH focuses their efforts on one thing and one thing only: delivering ‘freshly baked, crunchy and super tasty Portuguese egg tarts’ to your doorstep. Visit their Instagram for more information.


Creamy Bakes by Melody

You can choose from Classic or Premium Ube flavors from Creamy Bakes by Melody. Their tarts come in classic size for a box of 6, or mini size for a box of 8. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more information.

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