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photo credit: Dunkin FB

It’s only in the movies (well also in Japan), where we see robots being utilized for everyday services. But it looks like Dunkin’ is also thinking ahead into the future as they introduce their server bot: Number One.

Select Dunkin’ branches (Aurora in Quezon City, SM North EDSA, and Robinson’s Nova) recently deployed the roving AIs to bring orders to surprised yet astounded customers.

photo credit: Dunkin FB

To experience the server bots, customers are asked to do four easy-to-follow steps.

1.) Order and pay at the cashier

2.) Seat at an assigned table number

3.) Wait for Number 1 to approach the customers to deliver the orders. When the food and beverages have been taken, the staff will remotely instruct the bot to leave the area.

4.) Enjoy eating your Dunkin’ favorites!

Video credit: Dunkin FB

Of course, this is still temporarily, we guess until everything works out both for customers and the bots. But wouldn’t it be cool if this would become a permanent setup not just for Dunkin’ but for every fast-food joint to cater to customers who dislike waiting for their food while at the counter? No tips are required either!

It may be a gimmick now but with social distancing rules becoming the norm, we wish this cool bot service would happen sooner rather than later.

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