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Try this Igorot ritual dish, Pinikpikan.




Practiced as a ritual offering by the Igorots and considered a delicacy for the distinct taste of coagulated blood, burnt feathers, and skin added to the dish.


Etag (cured slab of pork), sayote, celery, onion and garlic, and broth infused with smokiness from the charred feathers.


The ritual begins with a live chicken beaten with a stick in a process known as “pikpik”, then the feathers are removed
as locals chant to summon their ancestors. Remaining feathers are then burned off, and the chicken washed and cut using a special ritual knife. If the gall bladder has bile, it is considered a good omen. All edible parts are boiled in water flavored with etag, onions, garlic, and vegetables. The dish is first served to the ancestors with prayer and “kawkaw,” a token made of chicken feathers, sage, and gumamela leaves. Transferred to another pot, pinikpikan is cooked again, this time  for consumption. The best parts are served to the tribal chief, then the rest is eaten by the community.

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