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Food ranking website, Taste Atlas recently released its 50 Best Rated Frozen Desserts in the World list for 2023, which includes Filipino favorites, sorbetes and halo-halo.

Sorbetes earned the 5th spot in the list. In the website, sorbetes or “dirty ice cream” is defined to be a dessert made traditionally with carabao’s milk and served in tiny scoops on sugar cones or as a sandwich filling between bread buns. Filipinos have long dubbed it dirt ice cream since its peddled in street carts on polluted streets. Usual flavores are made  in ube, chocolate, mango, coconut, and cheese flavors but special flavors like strawberry are available in Baguio.

Sorbetes or dirty ice cream

Pinoy summer favorite treat halo-halo scored the 43rd spot. Halo-halo or literally translated as “mix-mix” in English, is a local dessert that has grown popularity across the globe as a quintessential Filipino dish. Usual ingredients of the halo-halo include sweetened bananas, sweetened jackfruit, sweet potatoes, red mung beans, chick peas, palm fruit, purple yam jam, leche flan then topped with shaved ice and dressed with evaporated milk. Other variations included sweet corn, corn crisps and even coconut milk.


Iranian saffron ice cream called Bastani sonnati that’s made with a combination of milk, sugar, salep (flour made from orchids), rose water, saffron, and pistachio’s garnered the number 1 spot. Other frozen treats recognized were Italy’s stracciatella (No. 17), S.Korea’s patbingsu (No.8), and US’ banana split (No.45).

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