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Regarding desserts, we Filipinos often opt for cakes, ice cream, and even kakanin. When it comes to pies, though, we have grown accustomed to panaderia staples like the egg pie, Southern roadside pasalubong like buko pie, and the ever-dependable, mouth-burning Peach Mango Pie of Jollibee. While they remain classic favorites, Manila has grown to appreciate the joy of eating pie more than ever. In celebration of Pie Day, here are our top picks of dessert pie makers that you should have on speed dial. 

Hey Pie People

If pie people require labels, we can call Reanne Young Sagan MOTHER. Every other week, the Hey Pie People owner announces her latest offering on Instagram–from classics like Chocolate Pudding Pie or Banana Cream Pie to ingenious flavors like Caramelized Pineapple Pie with White Chocolate Crumble or Buko Pie With Brown Butter Coconut Caramel Cream. What you’ll also admire about the pie-advocating mother of 3 is her commitment to using the best and freshest ingredients possible from Red Chilean Cherries for their Cherry Pistachio Cream Pie or California Purple Honey Plus for their Honey Plum Custard Pie. Did we mention that they also make the most buttery and flakey croissant-like pie crust? While her creations are a paid premium, every slice and calorie is worth it. 

Order from Hey Pie People thru Instagram


Gooey Bakes

Visit Gooey Bakes’ IG wall and be mesmerized by all the pies they offer. Some astounding flavors they’ve created include Lemon and Roasted White Chocolate Pie, Chocnut Banana Pie, and Mango Coconut Pie. One look at a cross-sectioned pie image of one of their pies just makes you want to order one in a jiffy, prepare a cup of coffee, and increase your EQ as you wait for it to arrive. If you’re lucky, they might even have a pie or two available on the day, so always check their IG stories for extra pies.    

Order from Gooey Bakes thru Instagram


Purple Yam Bakery

Buko Ube, Choco Langka, Calamansi, Ube Taro–when it comes to Pinoy-forward pie flavors, Purple Yam is your pie maker. They make gloriously thick pies (6-inches, if you’re willing to share and 4-inches if you’re not) packed with luscious fillings all encased in a buttery crust. What’s also amazing is that this homegrown pie place is set to international standards since it’s owned and run by legendary food couple Romy Dorotan and Amy Besa of Purple Yam NYC.      

Order from Purple Yam Bakery thru Instagram


The Husband’s Craving

This Tarlac-based pie seller offers only one thing: Buko Pie. Every component adds to the decadence of the dessert–from the shortbread crust to the many layers of young coconut meat enrobed with luscious, creamy custard to the buttery crumble baked on top for added texture. There’s no wrong way to enjoy it. Have it warm when it is comforting, and all the flavors come together or cold when the density of the pie is more prominent, making it a hefty merienda that can go with any hot beverage. It’s so good your husband won’t be the only one craving their pie. 

Order from The Husband’s Craving thru Instagram


Serendipity Gourmet

This online store prides itself on making gourmet pies. As you can see from the IG wall, their creations are genuine masterpieces, with desserts like Lady Dragonfruit Durian Gourmet Pie, Jagger Avocado Mango Pie, exy Strawberry Praline Walnut Dark Chocolate Pie, and Bellissimo Blueberry Mango Streusel Pie. They treat each pie like an artwork, from the conception of the flavors to the aesthetically pleasing composition of their pie tops. And while their creations may be perfect for any occasion, their pies are worth celebrating.   

Order from Serendipity Gourmet thru Instagram


What homegrown pie are you obsessed about? Let us know!

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