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By Mandy Decena

Put your sweet potatoes to good use by following these kamote recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Try them and we assure you that your bodies and pockets will thank you.


Chicken Spinach and Kamote Lasagna

Take this layered dish of chicken, spinach, and sweet potatoes to the dining table and bring in loads of fun for the family.


Kamote Kaldereta Pie

Make your pie extra special by pairing sweet potatoes with this Pinoy tomato-based beef stew.


Loaded Potato Kamote Soup

Load your soup with sweet potatoes, milk, and cheese for a creamy comfort food on cold, rainy nights.


Sweet Kamote Buchi

Surprise your merienda buddies by filling up your deep-fried sesame-covered buchis with sweet potatoes.


Gabi & Kamote Pies

These gabi and kamote pies are healthy treats for both your body and pockets. It’s a must try.

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