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By Camille Bacsa

This is your usual resolutions list, but in classic BiteSized Fashion – with a twist! As we live and breathe food, let our favorite pastime of eating also play a role in bringing our 2019 selves to greater heights!


Resolution #1: I will strive to see things better before speaking

Seeing eye to eye should also be taken literally! Rich in Vit A & C and beta carotenes, these super yummy dishes will help keep your vision, and hopefully sentiments, sharp!


Creamy Kalabasa Soup With Veggie Tempura

Kamote Kalabasa Loaf

Chicken Afritada Pizza

Chicken Spinach And Kamote Lasagna

Resolution #2: I will quit getting crazy hangovers after a night of going out

Not getting any younger now, aren’t we? Heal the headache before it takes over your whole day with these sweet or hydrating, potassium rich picks!


Sinigang Na Hipon Sa Buko

Banana Langka Turon Cheesecake

Loaded Potato Kamote Soup

Manam-Style Watermelon Sinigang

Resolution #3: I will save money and bring baon

It’s always fantastic to eat out, until it’s your wallet that’s hungry. Time to employ a little creativity and spice up your office lunches!


Ham And Spinach Pesto Sandwich

Pikachu Omurice

Mushroom Burger Steak

Nutri Bombs

Resolution #4: I will wake up early and eat breakfast

Braindead from the bed? Wake those sleepy senses with the tantalizing smells of these easy to cook or reheat breakfast recipes!


Omurice with Pork & Beans

Arroz Caldo Balls

4 Ways Frozen Pinoy Breakfast Burritos

Chocnut Champorado With Bacon


Resolution #5: I will eat more dinners at home with my family 

Time is always sparse, but your love shouldn’t be. Make these special dinners to get everybody eager and on time at the dining table.


Magical Creamy Menudo

Vigan Longganisa Malunggay Pasta 

Spicy Sinigang Hot Pot Noodles

Nilechon Na Pata

Resolution #6: I will keep my stress levels manageable

Like Metro Manila traffic jams, stress is widely abundant. While you can’t control your cortisol, you can fight it with good fats, antioxidants, Vitamin E, and zinc.


Salmon Spinach Rolls

Avocado And Kesong Puti Zebra Cheesecake

Flat Tops Banana Milkshake

3-Way Caramel Bars


Resolution #7: I will quit being forgetful

Speeding thoughts in the neuron highway? If it’s likely for you to forget what you were about to say, it’s time to boost that brain with superfoods!


Baked Salmon Ala Contis

Barako Cheesecake Cups

Ginger Tablea Lava Cake

Dewberry Icebox Cheesecake


Resolution #8: I will be less wasteful

In a world of starving children and inflation, you gotta learn to give new life to old things. Revive the flavors of last nights dinner to a stellar new lunch tomorrow with a creative sleight of your turner!


Leftover Makeovers

Leftover Cheesecake Bibingka Pancakes

Leftover Porkchop Katsudon

Pinoy Xiao Long Bao 3 Ways

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