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There comes a moment within the day when we need a serious cup of caffeine. Whether it be to jumpstart the morning, an afternoon pick-me-up, heck even an evening fix to get over the craving. A hot cup of coffee might be good for those who have the time but a cold brew definitely does wonders for those rushing to get thru the day and for those who like to prefer their refreshers heavily caffeinated. Cold brews are a league of their own as well when it comes to aromas and taste—it lasts longer too unless you need to gulp it down fast. Thinking of converting to cold brew? Here are 8 brands to try:

Brū Premium Coffee

Brū has definitely brought their A-game when it comes to their bottled brews. Regular doses like Black, Latte, Mocha, Salted Caramel, and Kōhī Matcha come in 150ml, 300ml, and 550ml bottles (1Liter is available for the four latter options). Aside from the bundle packages they also have occasional limited-edition flavors like Rose Latte, Pumpkin Spice, Speculoos Cookie, and Peppermint Mocha to tickle your preference. What’s more to love are the add-ons or customizations you can make from their made-to-order brews such as soy milk upgrades and flavored cloud cream to make your drink a tad creamier and dreamier than before.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and  Instagram

Missile Coffee

Missile Coffee pulls our caffeinated heartstrings with their menu of fun-flavored cold brews which includes options like Tres Leches Coffee, Maple and Cream, Cereal Milk, Blondie Butterscotch, and Spanish Latte. Straightforward choices include the Black Cold Brew, Vanilla Hazelnut, and Mocha Madness but they can also be upgraded with oat milk if preferred. Need to try them all at once? Then go for the bundles cluster line, which comes with multiple combinations to match anyone’s weekly coffee budget.

For orders, visit www.missilebrew.com

The Coffee Academics

Need a good cold brew that’s as serious as you? Then go with an award-winning coffee brand that also takes its brews very seriously. International coffee chain The Coffee Academics’ Signature Cold Brew has got that this-is-the-grown-ups’-cold-brew kind of vibe but isn’t that what we want right? A caffeine fix that will not only satisfy your high-quality coffee standards but also get you through the day.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and  Instagram

Malolos Brew


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Started by a husband-and-wife team, Malolos Brew is a home-based venture that has a growing fan base north of Metro Manila. Each batch is made to order on the day so that customers would enjoy their freshly-made cold brew exactly the way the owners intended them to be—aromatic, full-bodied, and palatable to drink even after a few days in the chiller. The couple, who are advocates of slow living, reflects their quality over quantity mantra through their processes. Each bottle is weighed and measured precisely, as with the recipe of each variant—Iced White, Iced Black, Iced Mocha, Cold Brew, and Oat Latte.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Type A Coffee


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Type A cold brew concentrates are a marvel. Just pour, add your preferred creamer (they have Cinnamon Almond Milk and Cereal Milk, if you’re up to it), and sweetener (coco sugar syrup, anyone?).  Choose from their two cold brew flavors: Panama—smooth, caramelly, and with notes of orange peel and dark chocolate, and Guatemala—described to be notably sweeter, comforting, and with milk chocolate, tangerine, and almond undertones. Now, if you’re just really lazy or a non-black coffee drinker, then go for the CA Latte.

For orders, visit www.type-a.xyz

Café Seventy Six

With Café Seventy Six, there’s a cold brew flavor to enjoy every day of the week. There’s the Americano, Latte (with assorted flavors like Classic, Caramel, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Vanilla, Bonoffee, Tangerine, Spanish, Monkfruit, Cubano), Matcha Ube, and the latest, Bailey’s Latte. All the coffee-based brews are freshly-grounded, pulled, and bottled as you order. The café also offers almond milk and soy milk upgrades as well as zero-calorie and zero glycemic sweeteners so you can enjoy their brews without worry.

For orders, visit cafeseventysix.com

Niseko Coffee

Niseko Coffee gets its inspiration from the Japanese way of mastering one’s craft and focusing on the smaller details with purpose and passion. It’s through this unwavering perseverance that the coffee shop grew from a small-batch bottled coffee venture into a brick-and-mortar coffee shop located in Greenhills, San Juan. While customers have been enjoying both hot and cold items for a while, their signature Premium Latte variants (Classic, Spanish, and Dark Mocha) remain as popular as ever. Each order is made using the Japanese precision method of brewing and is available for next-day delivery anywhere in Metro Manila.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram



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Poblacion regulars would be happy to know that Commune makes an excellent cold brew that they can enjoy at home. Called the Commune Blend Cold Brew Concentrate or Ice Toddy, the bottled brew is made with a mix of local beans namely Benguet Arabica and Cavite Robusta. The coffee concentrate is roasted, steeped, and bottled exclusively at the café and keeps for 7 days, at most. Follow their suggested recipe (just mix 125ml coffee concentrate with 205ml water or milk and/or add ice) or get creative on your own. They also recently launched a variety of cold brews as well from their Peaberry coffee blends.

For orders, visit www.commune.ph

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