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Want to have some kitchen upgrades this holiday season but don’t want to splurge so much? We’ve got you! Here’s our list of kitchen tools and toys that you’d want to gift yourself this Christmas!

Bamboo Utensil Set

Team Kahoy ka ba?  Then this 8-piece eco-friendly Bamboo-made Utensil Set is perfect for your kitchen aesthetic. It comes with a matching bamboo holder to keep everything in place.

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Ice Cream Scooper

Give your tablespoons a rest and treat yourself to a dependable ice cream scooper. It has a press-to-pop design so you don’t even have to stress over shaking your scoop out of the roller. You can even use it for cookie dough, fruits, making meatballs, and more!

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Acrylic Grinders

You just can’t wait to fill up these babies with your favorite salt rocks and whole peppercorns and enjoy freshly-grinded seasonings for your every meal. Don’t stop there! Fill it up with sesame seeds, spices, and more!

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Mini Short Handle Spoons

If you’re an OC Kitchen keeper like us you’d want your accessories looking polished and fine every time. An example: these short-handled spoons are the perfect size and shape to scoop out pantry ingredients like sugar, honey, seeds, powdered milk, baking ingredients, etc! Cute na, shala-looking, pa!

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Electric Coffee Blender

This little gadget will make you look forward to blending your coffee. Treat yourself to an electric coffee blender! Just pour in all the ingredients for your morning coffee then stick it in! It can also creat milk foams for that perfect cup of cappuccino!

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Multi-purpose Grater and Slicer

Want to get perfect vegetable slices every single time? Gift yourself this multi grater and slicer set with different slice settings.

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Transparent Kitchen Storage Containers

Obsessed over those refrigerator and kitchen containers being filled up with new groceries on Tiktok? Now it’s your turn to organize and properly store your food staples, ingredients, produce with these Japanese-inspired clear containers.

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DIY Sushi Maker

Love eating sushi but can’t seem to make them quite right? Here’s a hack that can help you with your Japanese makis and Korean Gimbap cravings. Super easy to use, your friends would praise you for your sudden sushi-making skills!

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Curved Cake Slicer

Have you had instances wherein you’re cutting yourself a slice of cake but you tend to drop the slice even before placing it on a plate? Take it from us, you need this sleek-designed cake slicer. Put it over a cake, drag it down, squeeze, and presto—no more awkward cake-cutting moments.

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Microwave Oven Steam Deodorizer

Hate having a smelly microwave even after cleaning it thoroughly? We feel you. Here’s a cute tool to help you deodorize your microwave. Just add equal parts vinegar and water (or add some lemon juice if you’re feeling fancy) then turn on for a few seconds. The funky smell will be gone soon after.

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