Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Makes: 8 – 10 servings

1 piece medium-large kalabasa, 1-2 kilos
¼ cup butter, melted
2 tablespoons coconut oil
3 tablespoons garlic, minced
1 piece white onion, minced
1½ cup medium shrimp
1 cup sitaw, sliced into thin diagonals
½ cup sigarilyas
½ cup shrimp broth
½ cup coconut milk
1½ cup long-grain rice
1 cup grated mozzarella cheese


  1. Prepare kalabasa

    Cut off the top of the kalabasa. Remove the seeds and guts. Brush the inside of the kalabasa and the inner side of the top with half of the melted butter. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

  2. Make rice filling

    In a pan over medium heat, sauté the garlic, onions, sitaw, and sigarilyas in the remaining butter and coconut oil for about 3 minutes, seasoning well with salt and pepper. Remove from pan. Add the rice to the same pan and toast for about 2 minutes until coated well in the oil. Add the shrimp broth and coconut milk. Simmer until the rice is about ¾ the way cooked. Remove from heat and mix back in the veggies and shrimp. Mix well.

  3. Stuff Kalabasa and bake

    Place the rice mixture into the kalabasa and cover return the kalabasa top. Cover in aluminum foil and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes. Check if the rice is cooked.

  4. Add cheese

    Remove foil and top and place the grated cheese at the top of the squash. Return to the oven and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 5 – 10 minutes, or until the cheese melts.

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