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by Meryl Medel

No matter the occasion, cake is always a good pick-me-up for whatever mood you’re in. Add milk — or three kinds — to your usual sponge cake, then you get a tres leches cake as a perfect end to any meal of the day. If you think it can’t get better than that, maybe it’s time you try adding your favorite breakfast cereal to the mix and you’ll find yourself with the latest food trend: cereal milk tres leches cake! Check out where you can order your own slice of heaven right now.




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Bakeys toasts their cornflakes before sprinkling it all over the tres leches cake for that extra crunch.

Price starts at PHP 480
Location: Mandaluyong
Contact: @bakeysph




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This tres leches cake is so soaked in cereal milk that it’d instantly remind you of breakfast cornflakes from childhood days.

Price starts at PHP 350
Contact: @maison.ph




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Milkrun specializes in tres leches cakes, so it’s no wonder they’ve got the cereal milk tres leches cake on their menu. Those who like it simple can go for the OG tres leches cake or the cereal milk tres leches cake (you can never go wrong with the flavor of a childhood breakfast), but if you’re a little more adventurous, you can try all sorts of flavors from their menu.

Price starts at PHP 480
Contact: @milkrun_ph


Cucina Luna


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If you want more than the usual cornflakes, try this Tres Leches Con Koko Cereales from Cucina Luna. Right beside the classic cornflakes are some sweet layers of chocolate tres leches goodness.

Price starts at PHP 450
Contact: @cucinaluna.ph

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