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Loyal ARMYs would know that their favorite band, BTS are foodies, too! And as a special treat to their fans (foodies or not), Hybe will be releasing a special BTS Recipe Book, which promises to include the favorite dishes of RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope V, Suga, and Jung Kook.


In a 39-second teaser, Hybe gave a delicious sneak peek of what to expect in the Official BTS Recipe Book. It gave a glimpse of the book’s cover (green for the Global edition and yellow for the Japan edition) with the title written in a cool modern font. As the pages flipped it showed layouts of basic Korean ingredients, snapshots of the boys from cooking and eating segments, and recipes with minimal yet beautifully-styled food shots. The recipes also include easy-to-understand procedures (both in English and Hangul) matched with images to help cooking newbies with their newfound appreciation for Korean food.

Some dishes to expect in the recipe include the Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice), JK’s Janchi-guksu (Warm Noodle Soup), Pajeon (Vegetable Pancakes), and V’s Nurungji-gwaja (Scorched Rice). They will also have videos that can be watched after scanning the QR codes on the page; this is so fans can fawn over the Bangtan Boys while cooking their meal!

Called the “Book of Tasty Stories,” this is not just an amazing treat to add to your BTS collection, it’s also a fantastic cookbook to learn Korean comfort food.

While trying to get your copy, check out also our previous post on the BTS members’ favorite food.

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