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By Camille Bacsa

The holiday season is busy, hectic, but bustling with opportunities no foodie entrepreneur should miss. With crazier traffic and surging prices, we’ve rounded up a few tips so you can easily maximize your time, investment, and effort for your business – with enough energy to spare and complete your personal Christmas shopping and family Noche Buena menu!


1. Find your niche foodies

Stay focused on the demographic you know best and sell in their online and offline hangout spaces. In the digital age, it pays to give a personal touch and meeting your customers when they are interested enough to process new information (like when passing the time during their commute), but not so idle that they will not be inspired to take action. Make sure to speak their lingo and include drool-worthy food porn shots in your ads!


2. Develop festive variants for bestsellers

Bank on the delicacies you are already popular for and give it a holiday makeover. Spice it up with special ingredients like quezo de bola or hamon, and wrapping it in yuletide-themed packaging. Bundle it up with some in-season freebies or as a gift idea add-on and you’re all set!


3. Harness social media and dress up your online store

Online platforms that are quick to load, easy to navigate, and secure beat the hassle of long queues and crazy traffic during the ‘ber months. Filipinos are more confident in e-commerce than ever before, owing to the fact that convenience and saving time have become bigger priorities. Let your social media and site be the answer to your customers’ constantly filled-up schedules.


4. Attach a heartwarming cause to every purchase

While everyone is feeling generous, showcase your business’ character by supporting a worthwhile cause that will also tug at your customer’s hearts! We all want to share the love, and it’s not a gargantuan effort when the task is combined with completing your Christmas gift list.


5. Encourage big volume purchases and offer convenient pick up schedules

Tap the shoppers who like to buy in bulk and give uniform gifts to their officemates or loved ones for the sake of not showing favoritism over the other, or saving time when they are rushing their Christmas shopping. Go one step further and let them pick a convenient day to pick up the merch, so they don’t have to travel around with big boxes. They can conveniently give them away after pick-up!


6. Maximize your stall rent by sampling new products

It’s hard to find the place and time for sampling, so you might as well test your new products for next year as early as now in your Christmas stalls! Listen to your customers praise or give their criticisms so you can improve your recipe. After all, product development is key to keeping your customers excited for your brand, and it’s important to get their engagement in the process!


7. Co-brand

Share stalls with sellers offering complementing products with yours and be a one-stop shop! It’s a great way to power up your space and attract the crowd, without having to shoulder the whole investment. You might also learn a thing or two from your newfound business buddies!


8. Tease the senses with your stall

Don’t limit yourselves to visual aesthetics when designing your store – make sure to attract patrons through their sense of smell, touch, and hearing too! Dress up your store with luxurious fabrics for texture, play festive choruses, and use nostalgic holiday scents to create a sensory trail for your hungry buyers.


If you have any other business tips for fellow foodie entrepreneurs, share it with us in the comments!

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