Makes: 3 to 4 servings
Preparation and cooking time: 40 minutes


1 tablespoon pandan gelatin powder
1 piece young coconut, shredded and reserve coconut water
2 tablespoons sugar (for gelatin)
1 drop green food coloring
1 pack (125ml) Nestlé All Purpose Cream
1/3 cup condensed milk


1. Add gelatin to 1/4 cup coconut water to bloom. Set aside.
2. Simmer remaining coconut water (about 3/4 cup) with sugar and green food coloring. Stir in gelatin mixture. Gently simmer until dissolved. Pour into a container. Set aside to cool. Cut into cubes.
3. Combine Nestlé All Purpose Cream and condensed milk. Add gelatin and shredded coconut. Mi well and refrigerate overnight. Serve well chilled.

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