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ICYMI, Filipino-American social media star Bretman Rock now has an ice cream flavor inspired by his Pinoy roots.


Da Fruity Salad

A collaboration between Bretman Rock and American ice cream company Wanderlust Creamery, Da Fruity Salad is exactly what it sounds like — a new twist to a familiar Pinoy flavor and a holiday staple: the fruit salad.

Made of lentil milk base, pandan jellies, pineapple cherries, jackfruit sherbet, and Philippine mango jam, Da Fruity Salad is an ice cream flavor that’s both Filipino and colorful in celebration of Filipino-American Month in the US and Pride Month in Honolulu.

It’s also dairy-free since Bretman is lactose-intolerant.

Bretman and Wanderlust actually worked on three potential flavors inspired by three very Pinoy food items: fruit salad, yema, and iskrambol. Wanderlust asked Bretman to choose among the three, and Da Fruity Salad was crowned as Bretman Rock’s new ice cream. Unfortunately, the other two flavors are not yet available, but they might be in the future!

@wanderlustcreamery Find out which one makes the cut. Our collab 🍦 flavor with @bretmanrock drops in stores todayyy! #wanderlustcreamery #icecreamtok #bretmanrock #filipinoamericanhistorymonth ♬ original sound – Wanderlust Creamery®


Wanderlust Creamery

California-based ice cream chain Wanderlust is best known for its creative ice cream flavors with seasonal specials every month, as well as signature mainstays inspired by places they’ve been to and places they want to go.

Founded by Filipino-American couple Adrienne Borlongan and Jon-Patrick Lopez, Wanderlust has also offered a variety of Pinoy-inspired flavors, such as Kapampangan Halo Halo, Sapin Sapin, and Sans Rival.


Bretman Rock serves (literally)

As a promotion for the collaboration, Bretman went on a “side mission” to serve customers at a Wanderlust Creamery branch. Of course, he just had to promote his very own Da Fruity Salad flavor.


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A hilarious moment involved an unfortunate customer who just had to ask about a pumpkin spice flavor with Bretman at the counter. And an indignant Bretman couldn’t help himself: “Pumpkin spice? On Filipino-American month?! Get the f$&k out!” Just another day with Da Baddest.

@wanderlustcreameryShe SERVING. “Da Fruity Salad” 🍦 just got restocked in our online pint shop (for nationwide shipping) and it’s still available in our stores this month while 👏🏽 supplies 👏🏽 last 👏🏽. Proceeds of Da Fruity Salad 🍦go to @goldengaysmnl— a Philippine non profit providing support and care facilities for elderly LGBTQ people without families. 🇵🇭 🌈✨♬ original sound – Wanderlust Creamery®

Many ice cream lovers have rushed to Wanderlust to try the new flavor, and the consensus is Bretman Rock’s new ice cream flavor serves. As expected of Da Baddest.

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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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