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Written by Jon Christoffer Obice

Since the pandemic began, a lot of us have resorted to creative pastimes while being stuck indoors. From leveling up our cooking skills to do-it-yourself home renovations, these activities brought out our inner artists and helped us cope with the new normal better. One of the hobbies that have topped the list is gardening. Who knew we could all be plantitos and plantitas?

If you’re planning to expand your plant collection soon, try dropping by this roadside café in Cavite to enjoy good food and drinks to celebrate your plant haul.


Bohemian Shack

Bohemian Shack is a roadside nursery that sells plants of various kinds and sizes. From cacti and succulents to calatheas and monsteras, you name it, they have it.

And when you’re done hauling plants into your car, you can take a break and rest at its cafe, where they offer budget-friendly burgers, fries, coffee, milk tea, and other refreshments.


Burgers, Buns, and Fries

Making things simple, Bohemian Shack has got just three items on its burger/bun menu: the Beef Burger, the Hamburger, and the Hot Dog Bun. Fries are available in two flavors: salted or cheese. Both cost only Php 30. Not bad, right?

If you’re visiting the café as a group, you can take advantage of the combo deals. Combo 1 comes with one Beef Burger and Milk Tea, one Hot Dog Bun and Milk Tea, one Milk Tea and Fries, and Buy-One-Take-One Hot Dog Bun. Combo 2 comes with one Beef Burger, Fries, and Milk Tea, and one Hot Dog Bun, Fries, and Milk Tea.


Refreshing Drinks

Bohemian Shack’s milk tea menu offers five different flavors: Wintermelon, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Taro, or Brown Sugar.

You can also try the café’s fruit teas and sodas. There are four flavors to choose from: Strawberry, Passionfruit, Green Apple, and Mixed Berry. You can even mix two different flavors of your choice.

Bohemian Shack also serves iced and hot coffee. You can ask the staff what they have available for the day. You can also check out their menu here.