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Another year has come to a close, but it definitely has us licking our plates clean and hungry for more great food. Here’s a look back to 2017’s finest, according to your tastebuds and social media votes!


#10 Ukoy Musubi

It’s ulam, rice and everything nice, all beautifully wrapped in umami-packed nori with a fun fusion of Japanese and Pinoy flavors.


#9 Salted Egg Shrimps

Shrimp? Check. Salted egg? Check. An ode to the salted egg craze that had us all hooked in 2017.


#8 Buko Sago Pocket Pies

It’s more pie in the Philippines! Especially when we’re the master manipulators of the beloved buko and sweet sago.


#7 Chorizo Cordon Bleu

Cook your baon blues away, this recipe will make you a kitchen ninja – armed with the delicious mix of crispy, cheesy, and tasty chicken and chorizo combination!


#6 Ube Leche Flan Cake

Can’t decide which minatamis to dig in first? With this recipe, you no longer have to choose between these two local faves, bursting with real Pinoy goodness in every slice!


#5 Sinangag Stuffed Chicken Inasal

Ranking 5th in this list is an all-in-one, all-Pinoy meal you didn’t expect to blend so perfectly well together in a filling, flavorful feast!


#4 Pata Estofado

In need of a family friendly meal with a surprise twist and an even more surprisingly delicious flavor? Indeed, to taste esto believe!


#3 Beef Pares Lomi

We’re in the top 3 – at ito ang talagang walang ka-PARES! Your favorite street side rice meal meets your rainy-day comfort food in this unparalleled tandem for your thrill-seeking tastebuds!


#2 Sotanghon Lumpia

Turn the boring old Pinoy fiesta staple into the dish everybody keeps coming back for. Contrary to what your mother says, you can finally eat noodles with your hands!


#1 Tortang Talong Dynamites

Even the simplest twists can make the biggest difference, so stop acting sili! Of course you can add talong to your dynamites! Elevate your favorite spicy pika-pika with the humble crowd pleaser – tortang talong – whose addicting golden-brown crunch claimed it to fame in BiteSized’s 2017 Recipe Round Up!


Got other favorites which you think should have made the top list? Share it with us!

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