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by Meryl Medel

Aren’t weekdays getting harder and harder to deal with the longer this quarantine draws out? Sometimes, the only thing that keeps us going is some yummy bites (stress eating, amirite?). It’s even better when you can snack on it while working or studying — it’s more motivation to get you through the day. So we’ve compiled a list of some bite-size desserts you can enjoy while working. Check them out below:




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These little bars of rich creamy goodness from Kumori are like cheesecake and soufflé in one baked treat. In Japan, hanjuku refers to eggs that are half-cooked or those with semi-molten yolks. Kumori made them into bars that are easy and quick to eat, with its flavors including cheese, chocolate, and ube. Available via Kumori’s website. Price starts at PHP 300.




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You might make a bit of a mess with the crumbly alfajores, but this crisp biscuit combined with the gooey cookie butter filling from Anastasius is a delicious snack that can give you an energy boost while going through your day. Available via Instagram. Price starts at PHP 320.


Mango Egg Tart Surprise


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Customers of RoseMango on Instagram claim that they actually thought this classic egg tart was from another famous brand — it’s that good! And they’ve got another variety: egg tart and mango? Who would’ve thought that’d work? You should try it for yourself. Available via Instagram. Price starts at PHP 240.


72% Mad Bars


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Wondering why it’s called 72%? It’s imbued with exactly 72% dark chocolate perfect for people who want something a little bittersweet. You can definitely taste the intense flavor of chocolate in these deliciously yummy bites from Blends and Batter. Available via Instagram. Price starts at PHP 380.


Chocolate-Coated Marshmallows

Fluffy marshmallows combined with chocolate sounds like absolute heaven. And it definitely tastes like sweet heaven, too. Available via Instagram.


Chocolate-Covered Mangoes


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If the combination of marshmallows and chocolate is too much for your palate, then this perfect harmony of the sweetness of chocolate with the sweet-sourness of mango might be just right for you. Available via Theo and Philo’s website. Price starts at PHP 280.


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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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