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By Camille Bacsa


It’s time to update your cravings in the age of Netflix and Youtube. Binge away on our favorite foodie shows below!


Salt Fat Acid Heat

Image via Vox

Under the premise that good cooking is universal with four main elements – salt, fat, acid, and heat – this show is all about Chef Samin Nosrat’s book-turned-Netflix-series’ exploration of fancy and everyday dishes that masterfully incorporate the elements in its methods. Watch on Netflix.


Street Food

Image via Netflix

The baseline of great culinary culture can be found in a city or town’s most beloved street food. This show champions the story of a street cook’s hard work and perseverance behind their customers’ long queues and rave reviews. Watch on Netflix.



Image via Netflix

Food is not just something to fill you up – it is the product of interlocked tradition and techniques handed down from one generation to the next. While modern factories have made many things instant, food writer and host Michael Pollan proves that the evolution of food took no shortcuts. Watch on Netflix.


A Cook Abroad

Image via IMDB

A great way to spark creativity is to traverse the unfamiliar. From the oldest known food in Egypt to preparing a full course meal in the jungle, six chefs test their culinary adaptability in both modern and exotic spots of the world. Watch on Netflix.


The Great British Bake Off

Image via BBC

Watch twelve British home bakers test their skills, race against the clock, and compete for the title of Best Amateur Baker in BBC’s hit TV show. Constantly upping their game, each contestant proudly presents pastries borne from an unusual mix of ingredients, odd challenges, and the judges’ discerning critiques per episode. Watch on Youtube.


Somebody Feed Phil

Image via PlayPilot.com

It’s a good thing you can’t get fat from watching somebody eat, because if it did, Phil Rosenthal’s fans would be obese from all the delicious stuff he tries on the show. Join him in his journey to find the best bites around the globe. Watch on Netflix.


Ugly Delicious

Image via Netflix

Watch Chef David Chang explore culinary fusion as he travels to modest and unpretentious kitchens in different continents, using food as a vehicle to bond while breaking down cultural barriers. Watch on Netflix.


Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

Image via Netflix

K-pop star couple Hyori Lee and Sang Soon Lee open up their serene home in Jeju Island, Korea to guests needing rest, yoga classes, bonfires, tea, and free food. Get to know the down to earth side of their celebrity staff – IU, Girl’s Generation’s Yoona, and Park Bo Gum – too as they warmly interact with guests from different walks of life. Watch on Netflix.


Mind of a Chef

Image via Youtube

Produced and narrated by the late Anthony Bourdain, the show dives deep into the day-to-day life of one or two famous chefs every season. Get to know the likes of David Chang, Sean Brock, April Bloomfield, Edward Lee, Magnus Nilsson, Gabrielle Hamilton, David Kinch, and Ludo Lefebvre by watching their little-known food quirks and hobbies outside of the kitchen. Watch on Netflix.


Epicurious: Price Points

Image via Youtube

Don’t be deceived because in today’s world, price does not determine quality. Watch experts dilly-dally as they choose what is more expensive between options and learn a thing or two about how to pick the best ingredients next time you’re in the market. Watch on Youtube or Epicurious.


Binging with Babish

Image via Binging With Babish

It’s a pop culture rush as Babish recreates the iconic foods from Movies and TV – so you can finally eat as the stars seem to casually or passionately do onscreen. Watch on Youtube.


It’s Alive by Bon Appétit

Image via Youtube

Putting a face behind the test kitchen of popular food magazine Bon Appetit, Brad Leone embarks on a journey of ups and down with viewers as he challenges himself with all kinds of dishes. Watch on Youtube or Bon Appétit.

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