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Cheese. Bibingka. Cakes. These are just some of the favorite food items we usually find on our holiday spreads. But what if we combine them all into one glorious dessert line? 

As a special offering this year, Bibingkinatan is proud to share its Keso Cakes, leveled-up versions of their beloved bibingka with each variant given a scrumptious holiday twist! 

Crazy for butter cakes? Try the Bibingka Butter Yema Cake (P350)! Enjoy this dessert made indulgently with mantikilya and yema. The cake is finished off with grated keso de bola and cured salted egg yolks for that irresistible sweet and salty combination we Pinoys love.

Have you been good this year? Then have yourself a serving of Bibingka Cheesecake with Salted Egg and Keso De Bola (P450). Light yet rich in flavor, you’ll get addicted to the creamy cheesecake base loaded with salted egg bits and keso de bola

To add some more sweetness into your holiday festivities then go for the Bibingka Cheesecake with Brown Butter Muscovado (P450). Imagine a dense cheesecake generously layered with brown butter muscovado crumble. Yum!

Treat your family to a Bibingkinatan Keso Cake or give them as your Christmas giveaway! Either way, don’t miss out on these keso-rrific creations!  

BBK’s Keso Cakes are now available in 4×8-inch trays. Orders can be made on their website, www.bibingkinatan.com, or through GrabFood from select Bibingkinatan stores around the metro.  


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