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Makes 1 serving
Preparation time and cooking time: 1 hour


1 cup cooked Japanese, Jasponica, or Miponica rice
2 thin rectangular slices cucumbers
2 thin rectangular slices carrots
1 square slice green bell pepper
1 square slice red bell pepper
1 piece nori
4 pieces grapes
1 piece uncooked spaghetti noodle
1/4 cup broccoli
1/4 cup breaded and baked chicken pieces
1 teaspoon red beets juice


1. Place about 3/4 cup rice on a cling wrap big enough to cover the rice. Mold into a ball.
2. Get 1 tablespoon of rice and place on another cling wrap. Mold into an ear. Do the same for another 1 tablespoon of rice. Leave the rice inside the wraps and set aside.
3. Using a small flower cutter, cut out flower pieces from the cucumber slices.
4. Using a small star cutter, cut out star pieces from the carrot slices and bell pepper slices.
5. Leave a strip of carrot and carve into the unicorn’s horn.
6. With the left over red bell pepper, cut out two triangles that will go on the unicorn’s ears.
7. Using a nori stamp, cut out eyes and lashes from the nori.
8. Slice a grape in half and place a cucumber flower in between. Hold in place with a decorative pick. Do the same for the other grapes.
9. Assemble the baon. Unwrap and place the rice ball on one side of a rectangular baunan. Attach the ears using small spaghetti noodles used as picks. Place broccoli around the rice to hold it in place. Arrange the chicken and grapes on the other side. Decorate the unicorn face by attaching the horn and the stars using spaghetti noodles as picks. Add the eyes, lashes, and blush using red beets juice. Finish with red bell pepper triangles for the ears.

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