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Banana Ketchup has certainly come a long way. From its origins as a product of food scarcity in World War 2 in Manila, it has become a beloved condiment by Filipinos worldwide. Now, thanks to RoniB’s Kitchen, the OG Pinoy condiment has found its way to the aisles of British supermarkets.      

Roni Bandong-McSorley, a proud Filipina and food artisan, is the driving force behind RoniB’s Kitchen. Together with her team, their mission is to introduce Filipino flavors and cuisine to the UK culinary scene. Her efforts have been recognized with several prestigious food awards in the UK, including the Great Taste Producer Seal and Gold Stars from the Great Taste Awards. Their biggest and most lucrative success came recently when RoniB’s Kitchen emerged as the grand prize winner of  Aldi’s Next Big Thing!, an online reality show by Aldi, one of UK’s biggest supermarket chains.

Here’s a clip released by Channel 4 showing Roni and her partner Steve pitching their Filipino-style Banana Ketchup to the show’s hosts.   


As the show’s winner, RoniB’s Kitchen was awarded an exclusive contract with Aldi to feature the Banana Ketchup in Aldi supermarket stores nationwide. Currently, 100,000 bottles of Banana Ketchup are on the shelves, ready for those who want their first taste of Filipino flavors. Not bad for a company that only started in a small kitchen.   

Described as sweet, tangy, and bursting with flavor, Roni B’s Filipino-style Banana Ketchup is promoted as an all-around ingredient that can also be used as a condiment, marinade, and dipping sauce. Its ingredients are plant-based and made without artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives.

Maria Orosa, the inventor of the Banana Ketchup, would be proud.

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