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April 7, 2018
Around The Philippines In 12 Plates

Region VI (Western Visayas – Capiz): Diwal


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The Philippines is an archipelago, meaning that a significantly large portion of resources would come from the sea – specifically? Seafood. For exceptional seafood, travel to Capiz and try the Roxas City staple clams largely responsible for its recognition as the country’s Seafood Capital, Diwal or Angel Wing Clams.

Diwal in Hiligaynon means “sticking out tongue” and the shellfish probably got its Ilonggo name because its “feet” sticks out of its shell like a tongue when alive. Its English name was due to the fact that its shells resemble angel wings when fully opened.

Flavor-wise, Diwal taste like a hybrid of oysters and squid; preferably eaten plain, or with a little soy sauce. Be sure to visit when they’re in season so you can sample these highly seasonal and prized clams prepared in as many ways you want. Enjoy their delectable and succulent taste that almost caused their extinction a few years back. Eat with precaution and in moderation; you just might contribute to the reason they come to the brink of extinction. Leave some for everyone else and for the next time you visit!