Food for Thought

April 7, 2018
Around The Philippines In 12 Plates

Region XI (Davao Region –Mati City): Kinutil


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If you’re a foodie who’s still young at heart – curious with an insatiable addiction to hot chocolate but wants to be treated like the capable, liquor-drinking adult that you know you are, then Mati City has just what you want.

Kinutil, which is dubbed “The Filipino Mudslide”, is hot chocolate for adults. The drink is deceptively simple, as it is served in a mug fashioned from a segment of bamboo. Don’t let that fool you though, even if this drink is preferably enjoyed on rainy days, the heat isn’t only from temperature. This chocolate drink is made with hot melted tablea, condensed milk, native chicken egg yolk (for that added creaminess), and tuba stirred together.

A sip of this hot chocolate is sure to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling radiating throughout your body, which grows greater with each sip that alcohol always gives. Still a perfect pair to bibingka or suman, if not better since alcohol makes everything better. What’s a great way to end the day of traveling around for food than by washing it all down with a nice tall mug of alcoholic hot chocolate? So bottoms up – but just enough to still get you on that flight to your next food destination!