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April 7, 2018
Around The Philippines In 12 Plates

Region X (Northern Mindanao – Misamis Oriental

Cagayan de Oro): RM (Remember Me) Soup


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To the nights you’ll never remember, and – thanks to this dish – the mornings you’ll never forget. If you’ve enjoyed yourself a little too much the night before in Cagayan de Oro and all its watering holes, locals say the best hangover cure is their infamous RM (Remember Me) Soup found all over the city.

Focus on relishing the richness of the soup and the deep flavors of the meats while everything is still a throbbing blur, because once you sober up and see the dish for what it really is, you just might want to reach for another shot to forget. But as its name implies, this dish is most definitely bound to make and leave a mark in your life.

It’s a broth made of tendons, as well as a cow’s and horse’s internal and reproductive organs that are claimed to have aphrodisiac qualities. This makes it extremely popular with locals and tourists alike who would most probably want to make the most of their morning schedules if they got a little too drunk last night and blew their chances. How many drinks would you need to be brave enough to try this dish?