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By Rosseadelle Ganayo


Having an island count of over 7,000 and numerous colonizers predominantly taking over the different major islands wherever they landed, the diversity of the Philippines is so broad that almost every aspect – people, culture, tradition – of the archipelago remains a mystery. Among the best kept secrets of the country would be its cuisine.

Whether to the rest of the world or to its own inhabitants, the cuisine is so distinctive and deeply rooted to the history of each region that mistaking one for the other or altering the dishes is akin to committing a sin, so much so that such experiments could even cause uproar among locals. The broad diversity is prone to misunderstanding and divide, especially to people with fiery hearts.

There’s a saying: “the best way of learning the culture is through the food” and what better way to unite the country than through this unifying denominator. Come together and trek the rich culinary landscape of the Philippines one plate at a time. Fill your minds and tummies with each culture as we go food hopping around the Philippines in 12 plates!


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