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If you’ve been melting in this unbearable summer heat, we feel you. The heatwave we’ve been experiencing only means one thing–the summer season is officially here. While you’re sitting in front of the electric fan or situated directly at the air conditioner, cooling off in the pool, or desperately standing in front of your refrigerator with the freezer door open, we’ve rounded up a few more ideas to make the dog days of the season a little more bearable. ArmyNavy is launching its Agua Fresca summer coolers, while LiberTea MilkTea is introducing Taro Halo, a cool take on the traditional halo-halo.

Introducing Agua Fresca!

A popular drink in Mexico and Central America, Agua Fresca is a refreshing summer beverage–an explosion of colors and flavors of summertime fruits with the revitalizing fizzle of sparkling water.

Choose from any of these five lively flavors. One for each day of the workweek perhaps? Definitely a daily drink this summer!


Agua Fresca Mixed Berries

A vibrant sparkling drink of blended mixed berries garnished with cucumber and a slice of lime. Ahhh encantada, Agua Fresca!


Agua Fresca Strawberry

A bright beautiful beverage of strawberry flavored sparkling water garnished with refreshing cucumber and a slice of lime. Que bonita, Agua Fresca!


Agua Fresca Cucumber

A cooling drink of blended fresh cucumber in sparkling water garnished with cucumber and a slice of lime. Que fresco pepino, Agua Fresca!



Agua Fresca Orange Tajín

Sunshiney orange juice spiced with Tajin, garnished with cucumber and a slice of lime. Liquid Sunshine! Olé Agua Fresca!


Agua Fresca Lychee

A tropical cooler of natural lychee extract mixed with sparkling water and garnished with cucumber and a slice of lime. Mucho gusto, Agua Fresca!


LiberTea MilkTea is also releasing its version of a popular Filipino favorite summer dessert, halo-halo. Introducing Taro Halo, not your ordinary halo-halo! Both a drink and a dessert, Taro Halo is made with an ice-blended taro and milk base complete with these delicious sinkers:

  • Red Nata de Coco
  • Macapuno
  • Red Monggo Beans
  • Langka
  • Green Gulaman
  • White Beans
  • Kaong

With these fresh and exciting treats from ArmyNavy and LiberTea MilkTea, this summer will definitely be a refreshing one!

Agua Fresca by ArmyNavy and Taro Halo by LiberTea MilkTea are now available at all ArmyNavy stores nationwide. You can also get your ArmyNavy favorites by ordering via armynavy.com.ph, the ArmyNavy Flagship Store in Lazada, or by booking via Grab, Food Panda, and Pick-A-Roo.

To learn more about ArmyNavy’s offerings, like ArmyNavy on Facebook, follow on Instagram, or visit armynavy.com.ph. To learn more about LiberTea MilkTea’s products, like LiberTea MilkTea on Facebook, follow on Instagram, or visit libertea.com.ph.


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