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Written by Kyzia Maramara

Whether it’s raining outside or the sun is slowly torching all of us to a crisp, getting iced coffee is always a good idea. There’s nothing like sipping your favorite caffeinated cold treat that gives you the energy to face the day and the patience to deal with things going awry. There are a ton of new cafes popping out there but we found ones that will truly give you the best iced coffee in Manila. And the best part is it won’t even break your bank.


Dot Coffee Iced Latte (P110)


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Coffee enthusiasts can explore Dot Coffee’s extensive menu of playful coffee drinks. Aside from the usual Iced Latte, there’s Cold Brew (P90), Iced Dirty Horchata (P140), Iced Salted Caramel (P130), Iced Salted Honey Oat Latte (P170), Iced Dirty Matcha (P150), and more. You can get bottled versions of your favorites starting at P135. You can also get a Dot Coffee Daily Subscription for P500/5 16oz drinks.

Dot Coffee is a new concept from cloud kitchen Mad Eats, the folks behind mouthwatering brands like Smooshed!, Yang Gang, and Chow Time. To order, visit MadEats’ official website or send Dot Coffee a DM on Instagram. The delivery pick-up point is at Guijo Street in Makati. They also recently opened a kiosk at W City Center, BGC.


But First, Coffee Iced Spanish Latte (P130)

But First, Coffee (BFC) opened in the middle of the pandemic but it became an instant favorite for coffee lovers. They were initially only available for delivery but have since branched out to 36 stores across the country. You can rely on BFC for your caffeine fix at an affordable price. Aside from their Iced Spanish Latte, bestsellers include Vietnamese drip-based coffee (P65), Iced Caramel Macchiato (P130), Iced Salted Caramel Latte (P130), and Iced White Chocolate Mocha (P130).

To order, send But First, Coffee a DM on Instagram or Facebook. Visit their official website for a list of their stores in and outside Metro Manila.


Pickup Coffee Iced Latte (P70)

If you want a good cup of joe that won’t break the bank, Pickup Coffee is the answer. Their beverages start at P50 and there’s literally nothing on the menu that’s over P100 — including food. Choose where to get your energy boost for the day with options like their Spanish Latte called Kape Kastila (P75), Kape Mestizo (P75) or Brown Sugar Latte, or Dirty Chai (P85), cinnamon masala with espresso and milk. As for the sweet and savory treats, take your pick from Garlic Butter Bite (P75), Classic Croissant (P80), Chocolate Croissant (P90), and more.

To order, send Pickup Coffee a DM on Instagram or look for them on GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pick A Roo. You can also drop by their kiosks and stores across Metro Manila. Check here for a list of their locations.


Flower Ranch Cafe Iced Espresso Tonic (P130)

Coffee-loving plantitos and plantitas will be ecstatic to know that their twin passions could be found in one coffee shop — Flower Ranch Cafe. The small cafe began as a flower shop in 2015. That’s why those who order can be treated to miniature bouquets of dried flowers taped to their sustainable bagasse takeaway cups made from sugarcane stalks. Available for order is the classic Long Black (P90), two shots of espresso with coffee beans from Mt. Apo, Davao. There’s also the fizzy Iced Espresso Tonic (P130), a mix of tonic water, espresso, lemon, and syrup, and an Iced Latte (P110), with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk.

To order, visit Flower Ranch Cafe’s official website or drop by their physical store in Beacon Plaza, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong.


Dunkin’ Iced Coffee (P70)

When it comes to affordable quality coffee, Dunkin doesn’t disappoint. Their Iced Coffee is the perfect balance of brewed coffee made creamier with milk — one of the best iced coffees in Manila! You could even take advantage of the combo offer — two donuts and one iced coffee — for P120 and still spend below your P150 budget. Their classic Dunkin’ Original Brewed Coffee (P50) is also a great choice to perk you up in the mornings.

To order, you can check out Dunkin on GrabFood and foodpanda or drop by the branch nearest you.


Cafe Seventy Six Classic Latte (P100)

On Cafe Seventy Six’s espresso menu is their dairy-free and sugar-free Americano (P85), sugar-free Classic Latte (P100), Macadamia Latte (P109), and Hazelnut Latte (P109). You also have the option to get these with soy or almond milk. Aside from their espresso drinks, you can find mocha, matcha, and chocolate, ube, and tea beverages on their menu. And if you want to save money while enjoying your favorite drinks, Cafe Seventy Six offers Bundles of 6 bottles starting at P555.

To order, check out their menu and send Cafe Seventy Six a DM on Instagram or find them on GrabFood. Their pickup point is from Bangkal St. in Makati.


Frank Dean Coffee Dream Latte (P130)

Stock up on Frank and Dean Coffee’s sweet and creamy Dream Latte (P130) and its chocolatey counterpart Mocha Dream (P130). Both these flavors are available in 5s (P600) or 10s (P1,000) so you’ll never run out at home. For the ultimate snack combo, take your pick of their coffee-and-treat pairings. Pair a bottle of Dream Latte with Salted Cream Puffs, Banana Bread, Cheese Loaf, Chicken Pesto Puffs, or Mini Flan-Doughnuts for P300/box of three.

To order, visit Frank & Dean Coffee’s official website or drop by their locations in BGC. You can also find them on GrabFood available in Makati, Sampaloc, Commonwealth, and Bacoor.


Pedal Cafe Latte (P130)


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Remember to take a break from your hectic schedule and treat yourself to some of Pedal Cafe’s drinks. There’s Vanilla (P130), Americano (P90), Caramel (P130), and even Peppermint Mocha (P140) so you won’t have to wait for the Christmas season to taste your favorite drink. These espresso drinks are also available bottled for an even more affordable price.

To order, send Pedal Cafe a DM on Instagram or visit their official website. You can also place your orders via GrabFood and foodpanda. Pedal Cafe has physical stores at Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig, Jerus Place, Mandaluyong, and Soldier Hills, Alabang.

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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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