Time needed: 45 minutes.

Makes: 4 – 6 Servings

2 pieces banana hearts, finely chopped
Salt, to taste
Ground black pepper, to taste
2 tablespoons oil
½ kilo ground pork
2 pieces red onions, minced
¼ cup garlic, minced
1½ cups soy sauce
2 tablespoons brown sugar
¾ cup water
2 pieces bay leaf
⅓ cup vinegar
Lumpia wrapper
Oil, for frying 


  1. Prepare banana hearts

     Massage salt into the banana heart pieces until the water comes out. Rinse at least 3 times and drain well.

  2. Cook adobo

    In a pan over medium heat, saute onions and garlic in oil for a few minutes until aromatic. Add ground pork, banana hearts, soy sauce, brown sugar, bay leaf, and water. Cover and boil until banana hearts are tender. Add vinegar and boil without cover until the acidity boils off. Reduce until dry. Cool.

  3. Fill lumpia wrappers

    Take about a spoonful of cooled adobo mixture and place onto a lumpia wrapper.

  4. Wrap and seal

    Wrap the lumpia tightly and seal with water that has a bit of cornstarch or flour.

  5. Fry

     In a pot over medium heat, deep fry the lumpia in oil until golden and crispy. 

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