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The beauty of adobo is in its simplicity. With just a few ingredients: protein of choice (chicken or pork, or both but not limited to), garlic, peppercorns (whole or crushed), bay leaf, and vinegar (which is a must!), plus patis (fish sauce), salt, or soy sauce for seasoning, you can cook it anywhere in the world. It is also a dish that best defines us as Filipinos with our fondness for acidity as observed in other food preferences like drizzling calamansi over pancit, eating green mangoes with bagoong, and subtle sourness in our sinigang. Maybe that’s why compared to other Filipino dishes, adobo is held nearer and dearer by Filipinos who crave a taste of home.

As an ode to this beloved dish and a ubiquitous way of Filipino cooking, Google celebrates the adobo by becoming its Google Doodle for today, March 15. And since we love cooking and eating adobo here at Bitesized, here a list of some of the most mouthwatering adobo dishes we’ve come up with!

Classic Adobo

This no-frills, straightforward adobo is so easy to do. If you are a cooking newbie or have not yet cooked adobo then this one is for you.
Get the recipe here.


Vanilla Pork Adobo

This version uses vanilla extract to add some complex deepness and a bit of sweetness to your usual adobo.
Get the recipe here.


Adobong Alimango

Yes, you can adobo anything, even seafood! This Adobong Alimango recipe is a great dish for family gatherings and a spectacular addition to your summer cooking repertoire.
Get the recipe here.


Adobong Balut

Even the common fear factor favorite becomes a fancy pulutan when you make it into an adobo!
Get the recipe here.


Chicken Adobo Goto

Adobo is already Filipino soul food itself. But we’ve managed to level it up even further by making it into a soulful go-to that can warm up any cold rainy day.
Get the recipe here.


Creamy Sweet Chicken Adobo

Here’s a chicken adobo that’s rich, super savory but oh so creamy. It also gets some complimentary sweetness with the fried saba and texture from the banana blossoms.
Get the recipe here.

Chicken Adobo sa Pickles

Pickles lend their distinct sour-sweet flavor and umami to this adobo. This one-pot ulam is a fantastic weekday dinner and a time saver since it cooks quickly.

Get the recipe here.

Adobong Puso ng Saging Lumpia

Puso ng Saging is one of the most familiar adobo vegetable variants so we leveled up this veggie baby by making it into a delicious lumpia! Try dipping it into some spiced vinegar for that extra punch of sour goodness!
Get the recipe here.

Adobo sa Pula

Love adobo sa puti? How about this adobo sa pula? This adobo is made to look more appetizing and savory by cooking it with annatto oil.
Get the recipe here.


Adobo Baby Back Ribs with Coconut Calamansi Sauce

Looking for an adobo dish to impress? Then try this fall-of-the-bone baby back ribs recipe cooked with an adobo glaze and comes with a creamy coconut calamansi sauce.
Get the recipe here.


Got any adobo recipes you want to share? Send it to us!

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