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Being motivated on a daily basis is a constant struggle for us common folk. We look for daily inspirations and reasons to helps us complete stressful work task or grind our way out of a intense work out. Delicious comfort food is one of the motivators we look forward to as a reward for hectics situations. Even as simple as a warm bowl of rice can be the most comforting food the we consume as everyday Filipinos.

But while plain rice that’s labelled to be “motivational” and ridiculously priced at that, maybe more of a marketing ploy, its not enough to get any one motivated during a busy day. These delicious, not to mention easy to cook rice recipes might just do the trick in pushing you to finish those hard grinding task! Here are 8 rice dishes that taste better than motivational rice.

Chicken Adobo Biryani

Full recipe here Chicken Adobo Biryani

Experience the delicious fusion of two iconic national dishes in this flavorful rice dish! With chicken, rice, veggies, and a delectable sauce, this meal has everything you need for a perfect one-pot dinner.

Inasal Fried Rice

Full recipe here Inasal Fried Chicken

Take the already perfect chicken Inasal up a notch by turning it into a mouth-watering fried rice dish! This recipe is sure to satisfy both your belly and heart with its scrumptious chicken and flavorful rice.

Humba Fried Rice

Full Recipe Here Humba Fried Rice

Transform a succulent pork dish into a one-pot wonder with this recipe! The flavorful pork humba is combined with rice to create a delicious and satisfying pork and rice meal in one.

Adobo Rice Burger

Full recipe here Adobo Rice Burger

This burger is one-of-a-kind, featuring buns made of fried rice and a filling of adobo. If the fusion of a rice burger doesn’t excite you, I’m not sure what will.

Tocino Kimchi Fried Rice

Full recipe here Tocino Kimchi Fried Rice

Kickstart your day with this delicious breakfast recipe! Tender sweet tocino is mixed with spicy kimchi in perfectly cooked fried rice, creating a mouthwatering dish that will fuel you for a productive day ahead.

Gambas Fried Rice

Full recipe here Gambas Fried Rice

Elevate your shrimp fried rice game with this incredible recipe! Infused with garlic and featuring succulent shrimp mixed in with perfectly cooked fried rice, this dish is truly mouth-watering. Trust me, after trying this recipe, you’ll never want to make shrimp fried rice any other way!

Humba Chicken with Kiam Pung Rice

Full recipe here Humba Chicken with Kiam Pung Rice

Add this chicken humba recipe to your must-try list! The mouth-watering chicken is perfectly complemented by the umami-packed Kiam Pung Rice, creating an inexpensive meal that is both satisfying and full of flavor.

Lechon Kawali Crab Fat Paella

Full recipe here Lechon Kawali Crab Fat Paella

Indulge in the sinfully delicious paella that will keep you motivated to burn those calories! This paella is anything but ordinary, featuring rice infused with delectable crab fat and topped with mouthwatering Lechon Kawali. With each bite, you’ll feel like you’re being transported straight to heaven!

Next time you need to power through a tough day, ditch the the expensive price plain rice and try one of these delicious rice dishes instead. You’ll be hyped up to finish those tasks while on a satisfied full belly. Stay motivated! 
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