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Food trends come and go, but some last and will always be what most people will go for. Unsurprisingly, Jollibee’s Yumburger is one of this forever food that’s enjoyed again and again by many. Here are 8 reasons why Jollibee’s Yumburger remains to be the people’s choice when it comes to food to enjoy.


Sobrang affordable, pa-libre ka na kay boss, dali!

1. It’s the best deal in terms of price and value

At Php 40 ala carte, Php 62 with a drink, and Php 96 with a drink and fries, you really can’t go wrong!


Lasang lasa mo talaga yung beefy goodness!

2. You can taste the beefiness of the burger with just one bite

Yumburgers are made with the beefiest patties! And that’s not all…


Kung pwede lang magrequest ng extra sauce!

3. It’s not only the patty… it’s also the sauce!

Admit it their signature sauce is very addicting. You’re even tempted to put it on other dishes.


Amoy na nakakatam!

4. Even with just the aroma, it satisfies

Langhap sarap talaga. Amoy pa lang panalo na.


#Sorrynotsorry sa mga kasabay sa UV

5. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere

Enjoy it while in UV Express, while doing your homework, in-between workouts, hiking up a mountain…the possibilities to enjoy it are endless.


Kahit lumamig na, go pa din sa kain

6. It’s still good even when its cold

Isn’t it a wonder how a Yumburger still tastes amazingly good even if we’ve forgotten about it or stored it for a time in the refrigerator?


Sherep naman talaga kasi eh

7. Pambansang snack ng bayan

The only people who don’t like Yumburger are those who have not eaten it. Period.


Kumain ka ng Yumburger ng heartbroken ka, noh?

8. It tugs on the heartstrings of those who have savored it for years.

Sometimes, it’s not just about the taste or good price, but the nostalgia of eating on different occassions and situations that goes with every bite. From eating it the first time, having it with friends, and sharing a bun with a special someone, no matter how many times you’ve eaten a Yumburger, it’s always a special moment.

Also, as best explained by Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee’s AVP for Marketing, “People nowadays are choiceful when it comes to what they eat and want the best when it comes to taste, so they go for meals that are not only filling but also delicious.  And you get that and more with Jollibee Yumburger, that’s why it’s been a long-time favorite and the first choice when it comes to burgers.”

Hungry for a Yumburger? Aside from Take-Out and Drive-Thru, you can also have it safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App, JollibeeDelivery.com, #87000, GrabFood, and Foodpanda!

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