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By Angeli De Rivera

When we get sick or when we need something hot and comforting especially on a cold, rainy day we often find ourselves looking for good lugaw, goto, arroz caldo, and also congee. That’s because this simple yet essential rice porridge made extraordinary with garlic, ginger, and chicken essence can satisfy any hunger and give sustenance to a weary soul after a long tiring day. So, if you’re a lugaw lover like us, then order these creative congees from these restaurants:



If you’re having a tough day then soothe yourself with a generous serving of Locavore’s popular Duck Lugaw. Served in an individual paellera this dish can easily satisfy four hungry people. Imagine an already flavorful rice porridge with a mélange of tasty toppings like duck floss, fried garlic, spring onions, soft-boiled egg, and a hint of ginger oil. For some added decadence, have the slice of seared foie gras all by yourself—because you deserve it.

For Locavore’s complete menu, visit their Facebook page and Instagram



This modern Filipino eatery serves their Arroz Caldo Halo-halo in a deconstructed way so that customers can have fun mixing their own portions. Their toppings include salted eggs, adobo flakes, crispy dilis, fried tofu, egg, fried wonton, and spring onions. Have it with a dip of calamansi mixed with patis or with a side order of Tokwa’t Baboy. If you prefer a simpler but yet substantial alternative go for the Arroz Caldo with Goto.

For Crisostomo’s complete menu, visit www.crisostomo.ph


Tapa King


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Tapa King’s lugaw offering is simple yet oh-so-satisfying. Loyal customers of the tapa franchise would love their Tapa Lugaw—rice congee that’s made flavorsome with chicken broth then topped with their signature beef tapa, fried garlic, and spring onions. We’d slurp this lugaw fast after a long hard work day.

For Tapa King’s complete menu, visit www.tapaking.com.ph




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Leave it to Manam to indulge in our lugaw fantasies with their Super Lugaw offering. You can hardly see the rice porridge base since lavish toppings of chicharron, ox tripe, two hard-boiled eggs, fried garlic, spring onions do all the talking. It may be available only for breakfast and merienda but if it’s up to us, we’ll have it for the whole day.

For Manam’s complete menu, visit www.momentgroup.ph




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Comfort food specialist Providore serves their Arroz Caldo with all the fixings (ox tripe, hard-boiled egg, fried garlic and shallots, and spring onions) in a pretty palayok so that it maintains its warmth until the last drop. It is paired with a special spicy soy-vinegar sauce to add some contrast to the hearty chicken porridge. Don’t forget to squeeze in a few drops of calamansi to add some tanginess to your afternoon meal.


Kanto Freestyle

Kanto Freestyle has been a savior to many night owls, post-inuman food bingers, and late-shift employees who crave nourishment at ungodly hours. One of our favorite go-to meals is their Bacon Congee with Poached Egg. A few spoonsful of this bacon-enriched rice porridge can make a drunk man sober and a tired soul content again.

Lugaw Guys

Looking for lugaw that’s not the usual kind? Then have your fill of the Lugaw Guys’ creative bowls on the classic merienda. One option to go for is the deadly yet tempting Lugaw Sisig composed of the lugaw with pork stock base, crispy pig’s face bits, chicharron, egg, fried garlic, and spring onions. Another is the Pork Adobo made of pork stock for the base, pork belly, salted egg, toasted garlic, and spring onions. For a beefier option have the Goto that has beef stock in the lugaw base and toppings like ox tripe, intestines, egg, toasted garlic, and spring onions.

For Lugaw Guys’ complete menu, visit their Facebook page


Lugaw Republic

Want a fully-loaded lugaw? Then have Lugaw Republic’s Lugaw Overload the comes with hefty portions of chicken meat, ox tripe, fried tofu cubes, lechon kawali slices, hard-boiled egg, fried garlic, and spring onions. Pair it with their signature Tokwa at Baboy to add more texture and salty-sour savoriness in every spoonful.

For Lugaw Republic’s complete menu, visit www.lugawrepublic.com.ph


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