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It’s been weeks since CONquest concluded and until now we can’t believe that the charming and crowd favorite streamer, Kyedae went to the Philippines! Social media went wild with many Kyedae contents that are funny, heartwarming, and memeable. Unfortunately, her short visit to our beautiful island is over. 

She is known to love Filipino food and I bet she enjoyed some of the best food our country has to offer! But we’re if she ever got to try our local street food! We’re optimistic that she’s coming back so we prepared a list of street food that we’d let her eat on her next visit to our country. We’re not adding Balut in the list because she got to try it already! 

Here’s our list of 8 Pinoy street food we’d like Kyedae to try. 


First on this list is the orange NEON (valorant reference)  balls, Kwek-kwek. Battered and fried quail eggs served with spiced vinegar or “manongs” sauce. We’re putting this first on the list because it’s very eye-catching and it’s unique to our culture. We can’t think of any other dish or street food resembling the Kwek-kwek.


Next is grilled Isaw! Chicken intestines that are grilled to perfection and basted with a flavorful and sweet sauce. This might be the only thing too adventurous in our list and a good starting point for Kyedae to try the other exotic pinoy barbecue our country has to offer.

Fried Chicken Skin

A guilty pleasure of a lot of Filipinos. These deep fried chicken skins are addicting. You can get this on the street for about P15-P20 per bag. Best part about this is that you can eat it as an ulam, too.


Let’s move on to a homey street food we pinoys enjoy in the morning or in the afternoon. Taho is a pinoy street food staple made with soft/silken tofu, arnibal and sago. It’s sweet, warm, comforting and a snack Kyedae would enjoy. It would be nice if we could let her try the other versions of Taho like Baguio’s famous Strawberry and Ube Taho!

Pinoy Sorbetes

From a famous street food sold by walking peddlers to another, Pinoy Sorbertes or Dirty Ice Cream is a must try for our favorite streamer. Sold in colorful ice cream carts, these ice creams are usually made with fresh carabao’s milk or coconut milk. There are many amazing flavors to choose from depending on the vendor but we would highly recommend trying the Pinoy flavors such as Cheese, Ube and Mango. 

Pro tip: Order your Pinoy Sorbetes stuffed inside a soft bread. It’s way more interesting than just eating it in a cone.

Ice Scramble

Ice scramble is another unique street food in our culture. This sweet, cold and pastel colored dessert is made with ice, sugar, banana flavoring and toppings such as milk powder, marshmallows and chocolate syrup. This dessert pretty much sums up our street food culture. Delicious, simple, vibrant and fun! Kyadae would have fun choosing different toppings for her Ice Scramble! 

Green Mango with Bagoong

Kyedae is a fan of mangoes based on her funny post on IG. She got to try the ripe mangoes in Boracay and maybe on her next visit she’ll get to try the green mangoes sold on the street. These refreshing and sour fruit is best eaten with the homemade sweet and spicy bagoong made by manong or ate!

Bibingka at Puto Bumbong

We’re a month away from officially starting our Christmas season here in the Philippines and we think it’s just fitting to add this iconic yuletide street food in this list. Bibingkas and Puto Bumbong are available year round but let’s admit it taste heavenly during the Ber- months. These delicious rice cakes we’ll definitely lift up Kyedae’s Christmas spirit! 

Do you agree with our list? What other street food do you think Kyedae should try? 

Comment your other suggestions to help Kyedae decide on what to eat on her next Philippines tour.

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