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When it comes to first dates, expectations are at an all-time high. But what if the other party strongly suggests a steak dinner? If you’re extremely enamored and super generous with an unlimited budget to treat in an expensive steak house, go ahead. If not, maybe just don’t air your annoyance in public.

Just the same, there are other restaurants with superb steak meals you can take your date to. With these affordable yet impressive steak choices, you might just earn yourself a second date by the end of the meal.


Farmery is a great place to have your first date if your match insists on eating great-tasting steak. Quaint, and charming, the restaurant serves affordable juicy steaks options just like a fancy steakhouse. Guests can choose either the New York Minute (New York strip cut) or Rib eye Love You (rib eye cut), the latter having size options. You can also request for your preferred the doneness and sides. To end the date on a high note, order frozen slices of steaks to take home. Maybe a cooking session for your next date?

For list of branches, visit farmery.ph


Mad Mark’s Creamery

A fantastic steak meal and then yummy ice cream? Now that’s a first date anyone would surely enjoy. Head on to Mad Mark’s for classic comfort food done well. One of their bestsellers is the 150-g Signature Steak (starting at 395Php), a flat-iron cut served with their housemade Beefstrap Steak sauce. Afterwards, you can enjoy the rest of the night with any of their original ice cream flavors.

For list of branches, visit madmarkscreamery.com



You’d be happy to know that Italiannis, one of the metro’s favorite Italian restos, actually offers a terrific steak meal. The Bistecca (1,895 Php) is a 12-oz USDA Rib eye that can be cooked to your liking and served with a creamy mushroom sauce. Your date can choose from a set of side dishes which include steamed or garlic rice, Caesar Salad, rosemary potato or mashed potato, or mixed vegetables. If the steak still isn’t enough then turn to Italiannis’ signature pizza and pasta choices.

For list of branches, visit italiannis.com.ph


Wild West Roadhouse Grill

Beneath the cowboy exterior of this restaurant is a dependable grill house with lots of steak choices that would make your date undecided feels as to what to get. The Flat Iron Steak (850 Php) served with roasted herb sauce or the 10-oz New York Steak (1,100 Php) are great choices. But if you’re really out to impress then go all out with The Great Rib eye (1,400 Php), a perfectly seasoned 12-oz steak served with side veggies and mashed potatoes.

For more info, visit wildwestph.com




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If your date prefers to meet for brunch then we suggest going to Providore. Their Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter “Salpicao” Steak (475Php) will do you solid. Imagine juicy cuts of US beef flavored with butter, roasted garlic, onions, and olive oil. We won’t blame you if you don’t want to share an order with your date but then again, its not so expensive that you can order it twice plus with other signature plates from Providore.

For the complete menu, visit https://www.raintreehospitality.net/providore


Steak To One    


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In the heart of Quezon City, specifically in the middle of QC Memorial Circle is a little steak place offering a homey ambience and flavorful yet super reasonably priced steaks. Flame-grilled and cooked to your liking, their steaks cuts look mouthwatering and available in different cuts and choices from local, Brazilian, and USDA. Every order comes with complimentary sides and steak sauce so your date will be spoiled for choice. Their bestseller is aptly dubbed the Jowa Steak, (1,300 Php), a 350-380g USDA Prime Rib eye that can be shared by two people, which also comes with a serving of mashed potato, pepper cream gravy, and steak butter. But if the flow of the date isn’t going well, settle with your own slices of 250g USDA Ribeye (680 Php) or the Struffle (999 Php), the resto’s steak and truffle pasta combo.

For more information, visit their Facebook page and Instagram


Hai Chix & Steaks

Who would have thought that pairing steaks and Hainanese chicken would go so well? The folks at Hai Chix & Steaks must have had a hell of a craving for both dishes that they decided to make a restaurant out of these two classic dishes!  Where else can you order a succulent Porterhouse cooked Peter Luger-style and Rib eye Paella with a plate of Hainanese Chicken cooked ala Adobo and Inasal? The pairing might be strange to some but hey, sometimes odd pairs do work out in the end, both in love life and on the plate.

For more information, visit their Facebook page and Instagram


Meat Depot

Want to treat your match on what steak to get? Make Meat Depot your first date place and be both spoiled for choice on what meat, sides, sauces, and add-ons to get. Bond over your love for good beef as you discuss what steak cut each prefers and also while your meats are getting grilled. With numerous branches all over the metro, you guys can even meet up whenever crush craves for good steak.

For more info, visit meatdepot.com.ph


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