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Potluck season is here! Did you get assigned to bring the dessert? Great! Thinking of buying a cake? Well they’re always a good choice since its very accessible and looks good from any angle. But have you considered other sweet and just as impressive confections that can be the star of the dessert table?  You should! 

With that said, here are great  desserts options (that are not cake) to bring for a potluck party! 

Got Baked

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An online business that flourished during the pandemic, Got Baked made a name for itself by serving decadent and delectable cookies. A must-try in their menu is the is the Biscoffinator cookies, Hot Fudge bars and Baby Bomboloni, a bite-sized filled Italian doughnuts. You can also pair this desserts with their different coffee concoctions.

You can order online thru Facebook and Instagram or visit them at the YDG Building in Katipunan Avenue.

Founders Donut

Homey, comforting, and good for sharing, donuts might be the next best thing after cake when it comes to potlucks. Founders Donuts is a hole-in-a-wall donut shop that serves quality and flavorful donuts. Biscoff Tiramisu, Cereal Doughnut and Triple Chocolate Crunch are some of the appetizing donut flavors that you have to try. They also serve coffee to match their donuts.

Order your donuts online thru Facebook and Instagram. If you are planning to buy donuts from their store in Makati it’s best if you go early since they have limited stocks for walk-in customers.

Bungalow Cafe

Bungalow Café is a culinary gem in the south that serves brunch, bread, cocktails, doughnuts and pastries. This café serves a variety of cakes, pies, and revel bars however they are famous for their handcrafted donuts such as the Homer, Double Chocolate and Ube Halaya Filled Doughnut.

If you’re planning to order your doughnuts we suggest you do it ahead of time since they have limited stocks daily. You can order thru their website or in Facebook and Instagram!

Cru Kitchen

Brownies and bars are also great alternatives for cake! Bitesized pieces of sweet, moist, and buttery bars are sure crowd pleasers. Cru Kitchen’s collection of specialty bars are exceptionally delicious. Flavors such as the White Chocolate Revel Bars, Salted Pecan Bars and, Cheesecake Brownie Bars will definitely make your parties more interesting. They also have the classic Christmas dessert, Food for the Gods that’s great for munching or gifting.

Cru Kitchen has five branches you can visit to get their specialty bars or opt to order online on their website.

Buttery and Co.

True to its name, Buttery and Co. serves incredible pastries that are worth bringing for any festive gathering. This cafe is a haven for anyone who loves scrumptious and buttery sweet treats. Some of their well-known pastries are the ensaymada, cheese rolls, mamon and the Buttery’s Puff.

To taste their buttery goodness, you can visit their café located at Katipunan or order thru their website.

Dolor’s Kakanin

Eating kakanin for dessert might not be your first option but Dolor’s Kakanin might change that. Famous for their delicious sapin-Sapin, puto, and kutsinta, Dolor’s is a culinary heritage that has been serving great kakanin for many years. Aside from kakanin and other sweets you can also get Pinoy dishes from them to bring for your potluck.

They have multiple branches that you can visit to try out their kakanin or order online via their website or Facebook and Instagram.


Ranked as one of the best buko pandan in the country, Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan is a scrumptiously creamy dessert to cap off a merry meal. Made with young coconut strips, buko pandan-flavored green gelatin and thick cream, a tub of this Pampanga original brand is sure to finish fast. Aside from buko pandan, Nathaniel’s also offer other native desserts like leche flan, kakanin, and fruit salad.

Enjoy their Buko Pandan by ordering thru their website or contact them on Facebook and Instagram.

Deliziosa PH

If you are not familiar or haven’t tried inutak then this is the sign to try it. Deliziosa’s Special Inutak is an excellent way to get acquainted with this Pinoy dessert. Creamy and certainly addictive, this kakanin is made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, evaporated milk and, sugar. Serve it warm and make sure to pair it with ice cream like ube or vanilla for that hot-cold dessert combination. Another must-try is their Black Kutsinta, a novel take on the classic kakanin.

Visit their website or get in touch with them through Facebook and Instagram to get the special inutak. 

Fill your holiday parties with these delicious desserts! Share this with your family and friends so they won’t have to stick to bringing the same cake over and over again. What other dessert would you recommend bringing for a potluck? We’d like to know so comment below!

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