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Written by Kyzia Maramara

If you didn’t grow up eating piso chichirya with your friends while you played with texts, pogs, bey blades, or Pokémon cards, did you even have a childhood? A P5 budget back then could get you a variety of chichirya from your local sari-sari store. From sweet and savory bites to tangy tidbits, piso snacks offered an array of flavors that evoked a sense of nostalgia for those who grew up savoring them. So when a Twitter user asked Pinoys online what they think is the best tig-pi-pisong chichirya, the Internet was ready to honor their favorites. Check them out below:


Vinegar Pusit

Sour, tangy, and satisfying, Vinegar Pusit is an addicting snack from our childhood we still look for every so often. Everyone knows you buy a minimum of five since it’s not enough to eat one small pack of these.



There’s nothing similar to Yaahoo biscuits with what we have in today’s roster of modern snacks. Their flavors—peanut butter, chocolate, mocha, cheese—were enough to divide friendships over which one is the superior flavor.



Once the bell rings in elementary school to signal the end of the day, it’s almost tradition to run to the store and treat yourself to a small pack of Tattoos snack. When was the last time you had this?



Pinoys obviously love Lumpia in any shape or form. This piso snack is so iconic that even local makeup brand Filipinta used it as inspiration for an eye makeup palette.


Sweet Corn

Raise your hand if you’ve asked your parents to buy a large pack of this snack from the store just because you loved the flavor. Yup, that’s childhood right there!



Pinoys have different memories with this piso chichirya. If you were to ask me, it reminds me of siesta time when my mother would always ask us to buy a few for her to munch on while watching TV in the afternoon (while the kids sleep, of course).



You’re a rare gem if you still remember Yumshots. If you miss it, you can scour the nearest Puregold branch or order one from Shopee. But that would obviously cost you more than a peso.


Clover Bits

Clover is the superior chichirya (not up for debate) and Clover Bits is somewhere up there with it. This small snack is enough to give you energy for schoolwork or for obliterating your childhood friend’s stack of pogs.


What’s your favorite tig-pi-pisong chichirya? Let us know!


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